Gemstone Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) / Topaz

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Physical Features:
Crystal HabitMassive and granular
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness9 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity3.95 - 4.03
Refractive index1.762 - 1.788
Birefringence0.008 - 0.009

The real meaning of the sapphire gem stone lies in its colour. Mostly, you would have seen the yellow sapphire stone which is called Pukhraj Ratna in India. However, we do not have any real idea of its meaning. It would not be wrong to say that even the people who wear it are not aware of its characteristics and meaning. Thus, this article will provide your insight about yellow sapphire and clear the mist about its meaning.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow sapphire is an attractive gemstone which is in a light-yellow colour shade. The stone look a glimmering beauty due to its extraordinary colour with its various cuts which give it a more distinctive look than another gemstone. This is one of the reasons why this gemstone is used by most of the people. Especially womens and girls like this gemstone to be embedded in their jewellery items like engagement rings, earrings, and necklace.

Apart from its use as jewellery it is also wear by some of the people due to its auspicious properties. Some people with specific star signs are recommended to wear this stone in their fingers. This is one of the most contemplated and auspicious gemstone out there. The reason why this stone is a bit different from all the other stone is it symbolizes the largest planet Jupiter.


Jupiter is said to be the largest planet in our solar system and has its astrological value. The Jupiter is also said to be as a teacher in various civilizations. The planet Jupiter has its significance cause of its strong gravitational pull and in the same way it also has influential forces which impact the person wearing it. Thus, this planet is said to be the most auspicious planet. The Jupiter Planet signifies wealth, Luck, fortune and other bliss etc.

Jupiter relation to Yellow Sapphire

The benevolent Jupiter emits or appear in yellow colour which makes it somewhat in appearance like Yellow Sapphire. The Yellow sapphire has the ability to trap its yellow colour light beam which is emitted by the planet Jupiter. This makes this gemstone the birthstone and the most significant stone of Jupiter in astrology. It is said that the yellow sapphire stone possess all the powers of the planet Jupiter and the person who wears this gemstone would certainly witness its positive powers on himself and surrounding. Thus, those individuals who want the properties of the planet Jupiter in their lives are suggested to wear this yellow sapphire stone.

Benefits of wearing yellow sapphire stone

As you are aware that this stone is associated with the planet Jupiter and provide numerous benefits to the person who wears it. Some of the advantages of wearing this stone are enlisted below -

The yellow stone is said to attract wealth and can make its wearer rich than before.

It is said that if its worn by any person, luck and fortune will be on his way. It also provides you a lot of opportunities in life.

The yellow sapphire is one of the benevolent auspicious stone just like the planet Jupiter, for the unmarried girls according to various scriptures and holy books. Thus, the girls who want to get married and who are unable to find competent partner according to themselves are suggested to wear this stone.

This gemstone is very positive and it is recommended according to astrological point of view to help those individuals who are full of negativity and depression.

Thus, married individuals if wear this stone, it fills their life with happiness and serenity.

Those persons who work in government offices or in accounting, writing and acting are suggested to wear this stone as this stone would definitely help them achieve their goals and helps them grow at their respective career.

Yellow Sapphire stone health benefits

According to various ayurvedic scriptures it is said that the yellow sapphire does not act as ornamental use but it can help you fight some pretty serious disease. A detail list is enlisted below which showcase some of the know health benefits of this stone -

The yellow sapphire stone is beneficial for those who have some problems related to bones, in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and other similar disease it helps you to recover fast. Its also suggested to those who have joint pains. Apart from bones, this can also provide help in illness like cough, piles and lung diseases.

If a person is suffering from fever which is caused by jaundice then the dust or powder of yellow sapphire or pukhraj is mixed with honey and given with water. It helps the person to recover from jaundice.

The yellow sapphire is not limited to only liver the pukhraj powder has few medicinal properties which are beneficial for the kidney. To get rid of kidney related diseases it is said that pukhraj powder should be taken with kewda water or screpwine essence which will help you in fighting diseases.

There are yellow sapphire pills which are taken with water to provide recovery or fight illness like heart diseases, blood related disease, cholera and dysentery.

Those individuals suffering from the problem of bad breath and mouth problems can keep pukhraj or yellow sapphire in their mouth which will help in reducing the mouth odour and other related problems.

Identification of a real yellow sapphire stone

A yellow sapphire has certain properties by which it can be easily identified few of them are given below -

The yellow sapphire if it is real it feels heavy when kept on the hand for a longer while. In appearance wise it is mostly crystal clear and it is one of the large stone without any physical layers on it.

The real yellow sapphire feels soft and glib on touch, the colour quite much resembles to yellow oleander.

The real yellow sapphire colour quality improves if it is rubbed against a hard surface or touchstone.

The stone which reflect different colour and has black smudge is said to be fake or one which is synthetically produced.

It is also said that if this stone is rubbed for a long time it will produce fire.

It is a very smooth stone thus it is slippery and can slip from your hand due to this property of yellow sapphire.

A good quality of yellow sapphire is similar in shape of setting sun when it is put in the fire or warmed by it.

Origins of yellow sapphire stones

The yellow sapphire stone can be found in various parts of the world. There are few different origins of yellow sapphire around the globe -

Russia: Russia is one of the major supplies of this stone in the world. There are numerous mines in Russia from where these stone can be extracted.

Brazil: Brazil is known for its best quality of yellow sapphire stone. The stones which are found in Brazil are light yellow in colour. Thus, because of this the stones extracted from Brazil are considered best quality yellow sapphire.

Rhodesia: Rhodesia provides yellow sapphire stone which is mostly colourless which are of very bad quality and its not considered as good quality stones.

Sri Lanka: The Sri Lanka produces the famous Lankan sapphire stone which is very much Famous. The stones which are extracted from Sri Lanka are flexible and come in light yellow colour. It is one of the leading markets due to the amount and the quality of the stones found here.

Apart from these countries there are some other countries which also produce yellow sapphire stone are Japan, Mexico and England etc.

Most auspicious day to wear yellow sapphire stone

As it is commonly known by most of the astrologers that yellow sapphire stone symbolizes Jupiter and the planet has the most influence on the day of Thursday so it is mostly suggested that it should be worn on the Thursday morning (Shukla Paksha) to get more benefits which are given by the Jupiter by the means of the yellow sapphire stone.

In which finger yellow sapphire should be worn?

The yellow sapphire stone represents the planet Jupiter and it is suggested by astrologers to wear it on the ring finger of the right hand so as to gain the maximum benefits from this respective stone. There are different hands for men and women, it is suggested that men should wear it on the right hand and women to wear in the left hand.

Most suitable metal

The mesmerizing yellow sapphire should be embedded with either gold or diamond. It is also recommended that the stone be embedded in such a way that it should certainly touch a small portion of the skin, so it power can be channelized properly to the body.

Price and type of sapphire stone

The price of the yellow sapphire stone varies, the price greatly depends on the quality of the stone. It is categorized in four types and the finest one is the costliest. The quality depends on the colour of the stone mostly.

A yellow sapphire which is used in form or a gem to get the benevolent blessings of Jupiter is known as Pukhraj. The stone in a real form would be really expensive in the market. This would provide an emblem of truthfulness, righteousness as well as piety.

There are many astrologers who recommend this stone for the economic prosperity of a individual. It is mandatory to wear Yellow Sapphire, if the native have got Jupiter as their benefic.
Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Topaz
Yellow Sapphire is used as a Remedy for Jupiter in Indian Vedic Astrology.

Yellow Sapphire/Topaz can also reflect the shade of the metal in which it is embedded. Word “Topaz” has two origins. Firstly, it can be rooted back to Arabic word ‘topazos’ or ‘found’, and secondly in Sanskrit, it is associated with ‘tapas’ or ‘fire’. It is also commonly known as Pukhraj in India.

In Mexico, people used to use Yellow Sapphire to distinguish between true and false as it became a little bit darker if someone used to telling false.

When to wear Topaz or Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Gemstone

    1. Pisces or Sagittarius ascendant
    2. Since the benefic placement of Jupiter is at 8, 12 and 6 houses.
    3. Jupiter , a benefic in Capricorn sign
    4. Jupiter is aspected by Saturn with a benefic place in 6 and 8 houses
   5. Jupiter with an indication of second lord with 4th and 9th lord /4th or 10th lord/7th Lord in 2nd.
   6. The placement of retrograde Jupiter in Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces etc Pukraj plays a vital role for all people who are suffering from financially weak status.

Yellow Sapphire affects digestion system, circulatory system, bowel movements and taste buds. It possesse ability to reduce anxiety. Yellow Sapphire helps in the accomplishment of projects, enhances aesthetic inspiration, and enhances mood especially bad temper after insomnia.

General characteristics of Pukhraj/Topaz

ü      People with political as well as intellectual background would get a success

ü      A normal person would be transformed to a religious as well as pious person. The wearer must get a protection from the evil thoughts.

ü      An unmarried person would get married soon and an individual with no issue would definitely have one

ü      A person can get increments, promotions and get an increase in professionalism.

Utility of Pukhraj/Topaz for curing diseases

Pukhraj/Topaz is a wonderful medicine in form of a stone to make a person suffering from Jaundice gets a cure. If you can use red coral with Pukhraj/Topaz, you can avoid anemia, Impotency as well as problems in bladder. The red coral with copper metal along with Pukhraj/Topaz would help in getting away from Hernia. If you want to avoid hysteria, you must use Pukhraj/Topaz with the red coral in gold. The white coral with Pukhraj/Topaz is wonderful for Eczema. People can use Emerald as well as pearl to avoid Epilepsy.

Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Topaz
The Yellow Sapphire has been known for at least 2000 years and Yellow Sapphire is one of the gemstones which form the foundations of the twelve gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem.

Yellow Sapphire produces the feelings of elevation in individuals. Different colors of Yellow Sapphire are compatible with different zodiac signs such as, gold for Virgo, blue for Aquirius, and pink Topaz for Leo.

It can be found in Ural Mountains, Africa, Brazil and America in yellow, silver, white, pink, blue colors and should be cleaned whenever used.

Yellow Sapphire is available in various size and shape. It is recommended that you should wear not less than 2 Carat and not more than 10 Carat depends on you need.

Use of Pukhraj/Topaz for different Ascendants

    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Aries Mesh ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Taurus Vrish ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Gemini Mithun ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Cancer Karkat ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Leo Simha ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Virgo Kanya ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Libra Tula ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Scorpio Brischik ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Sagittarius Dhanu ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Capricorn Makara ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Aquarius Kumbha ascendant
    Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj or Topaz for Pisces Meen ascendant

Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Topaz
Yellow Sapphire is one of the expensive Gem available and having is big price range depending on the color and quality.

There are artificially colored Gem is available in the market. But Natural Stones should only be purchased. Yellow Sapphire starts with Rs 3,000/- per Carat with very light Yellow color. Good quality Yellow Sapphire costs Rs 6,000/-  to Rs 9,000/-. Superior quality Yellow Sapphire costs around Rs 12,000/- per Carat.

Topaz is known as a Substitute and natural stone which is cheaper and less effective. Topaz costs around Rs 70/- to Rs 100/- per Carat depending its color and quality.

Note that : 1 Gram = 8 Ratti = 4.8 Carat and 1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat.

Be aware of artificially prepared colored stone. 80% gems available are not natural stone. This is indeed a big problem in the market now. They are either glass made artificially or gem stone colored artificially to increase its price. These stones are sometime capable of passing the laboratory test (like GII test) as well like the original.

If you really wish to avail the precious stone to rectify your weakness in planetary positions, you must give an emphasis in the weight of the stone. If you are wearing original Pukhraj/Topaz, it should not be less than 3 rattis. You must wear the stone with gold. Also it is important to have a specific day of wearing it for the first time.

Monday or Thursday would be preferable along with Pushya Nakshatra. The stone should also be worn before the sunset arrives. It is wonderful to have a look at the mantra used to put strength in the stone of Pukhraj/Topaz. This mantra is pronounced as “om jram jrim jroum sah gaurave namah” According to the expert, this mantra has to be pronounced for 19000 times before wearing the stone in your finger. Prayer should be done with yellow flower before wearing it.

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