Peridot Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Chemical(Mg, Fe)2SiO4
ColorGreen, yellow-green, brown-green
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Hardness6.5–7 Mohs scale
Specific gravity3.27 - 3.48
Refractive index1.650 - 1.710
Birefringence0.035 - 0.038

Also known as the Evening Emerald, peridot is considered as a birthstone for those who are born in August. Legend states that if its placed in gold, then the peridot has all the potential to develop into a talisman, and hence, will surely have the strength and power to drive out bad omens as well as bad dreams. This greenish-colored gemstone can also be quite effective if a person is suffering from a psychological illness like depression. In brief, it negates the harmful effects of our negative emotions, and restores inner peace and emotional stability. Its also beneficial in the treatment of our fevers and skin diseases. Therefore, it wont be a bad idea to buy peridot online!

Peridot is effective in case of constipation and ulcers, and aids in digestion. It also helps in the physical detoxification process and regenerates the tissues. Moreover, if women wear it on their abdomen, they can lessen their pain at the time of giving birth to a considerable extent. On the other hand, peridot helps in building friendship as well as frees our mind from envious thoughts at the same time. In addition, it aids in the treatment of phobias associated with darkness, augments financial success, and improves your romantic connection. Thus, there is easily more than one reason to buy peridots and other gemstones online.

Peridots are always transparent. So, when you buy gemstones online, do remember to take note of this fact. The color can be anything between light green, deep chartreuse, bottle green, olive green, green with a touch of golden, and a brilliant yellow-green. This gemstone can be located in parts of New Mexico and Arizona (close to reservation at San Carlos), Arkansas, Nevada, Hawaii, Burma, Australia, most parts of South Africa, Pakistan, Egypt, Norway, Brazil, China as well as Canary Islands.


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