Afghanite Gemstone

Afghanite belongs to the group of minerals named sodalite and the color ranges vastly from blue to colorless. It was first discovered from the mines of Lapis lazuli, Badakhshan Province in the nation of Afghanistan and it is where it got its name from. After that it has also been found in places such as Newfoundland, New York, Tajikistan, Germany, Italy etc and everywhere it is recognized as a very good gemstone.

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Physical Features:
Chemical sign: (Na,K)22Ca10;
Colour: blue to colourless;
Crystal system: Trigonal;
Hardness: 5.5-6 Mohs scale;
Birefringence: 0.006;

It has massive powers which influence a person hugely. Enlisted below are some of the instances of it:

Sometimes you might get things messed up in your mind, so much as that you lose the track of proper order. Afghanite can give you relief in that regard by helping you fix your aim at a right direction.

We often fail to see certain situations from others point of view; Afghanite helps you inculcate that ability within you.

It also enhances psychic vision, visualization, and perception concerning matters.

If you have any disease affecting the face or the head area, theres no better a gemstone than afghanite which helps in the slow but steady curing of any such disorders.

It is also a great aid in dealing with complicated mental disorders such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Our daily living often includes unbalancing various issues. Problems arise when any such act continues for longer than usual. It highly disturbs the normalcy in life. Afghanite will surely sort out any such issues.

People who suffer from diseases related to bones including teeth should wear Afghanite. In the long run, it can really prove to be very beneficial.

Communicating your thoughts or expressing your views in public is something that not everyone is a master of. This gemstone can help you work through such fears.

Its availability is extensive both in offline as well as in online stores.


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