Tektite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ChemicalSiO2 + Al2O3,K2O,FeO, MgO,CaO,Na2O
ColorGreen, Bottle-green to brown-green
Crystal HabitUsually small nodules
Crystal SystemAmorphous
Hardness5 - 6 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity2.32 - 2.38
Refractive index 1.48 - 1.54

Tektite name came from the Greek word Tektos which means molten. They are made of glass objects and proved to have meteorite origin. Some moon rock sample matches identically with the formation of Tektites. However, not all of them have these similarities. Some have molten Zircons in their core. Tektites have been believed to bring good luck and have strong power which can help in awakening Kundalini energy and the chakra and bring us closer to our spiritual core. It is basically placed on the forehead so that the energies can penetrate in maximum amount and circulate throughout the body. In Thailand, tektites are curved as small objects and worn along with ornaments so that negative energies cannot harm them. This is a unique stone for anyone seeking spiritual convenience. It is best used at noon because it is believed that after cleaning it with pure running water it charges itself at noon in the sunlight. However, the stone also has the ability to increase power to any type of magic as it has mysterious connection with magical powers.

Its Uses and Purpose

This moon gem brings good luck to those who work hard.

It can also improve someones vibration which is noticeable immediately after few days.

They are also been known to have many healing powers which can help in curing from cancer to ulcers.

Tektites are thought to block the negative energy.

It is also used to strengthen ones aura and increase the deeper sense of understanding of current happenings.

It can also help with lucid dreams, telepathy and enhance psychic abilities of an individual.

Tektite is also known for accelerating the healing process of diseases and increase the receiving capability of positive energy from other realms.

Anyone can buy this gemstone from online but keep in mind choose a genuine online gem seller.


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