Pearl (Moti / Mukta)

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Physical Features:
ChemicalCaCO3 + conchiolina
ColorWhite, pink, silver, cream, golden-coloured, green, blue, black.
Hardness2.5 - 4.5 Mohs scale
Specific gravity2.60 - 2.85
Refractive index1.52 - 1.66

A complete different community based on studies and analysis of celestial bodies and its impact on human lives is compactly known as astrology. Astrological studies have some strong roots coagulated with human mankind way back since the ancient period where kings and queens used to show their faith towards future predications based on some spiritual believes. It is even believed that with the birth of a human being, the respective positions of the Sun, planets and rest cosmic objects have much to participate in shaping the personality of the individual other than shape, size and gender. The statement can be better understood with in-deep knowledge of the zodiac signs around which the complete astrological picture rotates. The date of birth of every individual is enough to relate him/her with a zodiac sign and then astrological chapters can provide with some accurate future predications.

In some way or the other, astrology and its belief have developed a strong bond with gemstones. Rulers from ancient period used to wear gemstones which are meant for developing bright future and keep negativity out of life. Astrological theories explain that problems caused by nine different planets can be easily overcome by certain gemstones. Gems in their natural form are more like shelters of quality of making the entire living structure of the people. Gemstones are naturally emerging minerals used in form of jewellery, depending upon the sign of zodiac and uncertainties of the time. One of the most commonly used gemstones by jewelers is pearl or Moti which is used to make certain costly products covering rosary. The gemstone pearl has a varied range of colors and provides impressive look when used in form of jewellery. A mixture of oxygen and calcium is identified as a pearl gem which has become quite typical to collect in its original form. Cultured pearls are entertaining markets these days due to lack of availability of the original gem. A pearl gem occupies round shape most of the time with smooth glittery surface, leaking attractive shine and quality.

Benefits of a Pearl Gem

In Vedic astrology, pearl gem represents the lord of cancer sign of zodiac, the Moon. An individual whose horoscope signifies a maleficent Moon should wear this gemstone with proper method of handling. The Moon is amongst celestial bodies which have a major influence on human mind, hearth, juicy natured plants, menstrual period of women and glitter on their faces. Pearls are the symbol of purity, faith and perfection that boosts individuals integrity and support them in living comfortably. Lets get in deep about some exciting benefits of the pearl gem:

Getting good sleep is very essential as it serves an individual with enough strength to perform daily activities with fluency. Those who belong to cancer zodiac and are facing problems like sleep failure must get a pearl gem. The wearer of the gemstone is considered to take a good night sleep and also supports in overcoming insomnia.

Mental stress is said to be the first enemy of a human being. It always keeps him away from the right track and slowly and steadily takes him closer to difficulties and tough times in life. Such major issues can be tackled with proper use of a pearl gemstone. Pearl strengthens mental power and boosts up gradually and leaves no space for depression.

One of the major characteristics of a pearl gem is its nature of transforming women's worst times into worth living moments. Females facing some uncertainties during menstrual periods can benefit from a good quality pearl gem. It also regulates proper heart functioning thereby raising the comfort levels.

Using pearl gem in ring form or rosary is quite beneficial as well. When used as rosary, the continuous vibratory strength of the Moon is taken by the wearer's aura which makes the individual much protected from any external negative energy. This raises the confidence level of the being and makes him/her fell like energy flowing constantly. Enhancing will power and passion to perform is also a celebrated benefit of a pearl gem.

For those who belong to work fields namely milk, oil, chemicals, drug medicines and left liquids are mainly supposed to wear a pearl gem as it reflects great results on such workers. The energetic powers of the stone have a lot to serve to the liquid working departments.

A pearl gem serves the wear with energetic insights which makes the individual more passionate towards work and brings accuracy.

For short tempered people, pearl gemstone is very helpful being a cool stone. It starts energizing the individual and lowers body temperature closer to normal.

Natural pearls are signs of beauty as they provide jewelries with outstanding finishing and collectively an impressive outlook. This way the gem acts as double supporters for people as it fights well against hurdles in life along with taking the standard of jewelries totally to a different level.

Proper way of getting benefitted from a Pearl gem

Before getting in touch with any of the gemstones, it becomes essential to get it confirmed by a reputed astrologer who holds great knowledge regarding such studies and could suggest best techniques to get best of it. Coming on to the gemstone commonly known as pearl, a 5 to 10 carats stone is mostly preferred. Pearl gem is considered to show some great results when placed in a silver ring and the last finger of the right hand is perfect to carry that ring. Shukla Paksha period of any of the Monday is the most precious time for wearing a pearl ring. Dipping the pearl silver ring in milk, pure water and honey for around half an hour is meant holy before taking it in use and is discussed as signs of activation of the stone. The wearer of the stone must burn few sticks in the name of Chandra Deva to have blessings and purification of the process while the ring is dipped. The holy mantra,Om Son Somaay Namaah

Tips on buying a perfect pearl gem

Gemstones are considered sacred as they serve as a huge support for the human mankind in today world. People in huge percentage have started believing magical energies and their positive outcomes in lives of those who were already in the queue. For getting best results of any gemstone it is very necessary to show some genuine seriousness during its purchase. Purchasing pearl gem involves a number of bullets to be remembered mainly:

Scratched on uneven textured gems must be totally avoided as they are more expected to revert the whole game and start adding negativity in life. The selected stone should have fluency in texture with no scratches and must be quite catchy in looks.

Especially a trusted dealer can provide his customers with pure pearl at reasonable prices which could bring some definite alterations, making life much better than before. Getting the deal done at a trusted store can make the buyer assured of the quality of the stone.

Gemstones these days are easily available at online stores along with many offline ones. Buying one from any of the online store requires great attention towards reviews earned by that store from previous customers. This reveals a clear picture of the quality of the products sold at that particular store and the customer can then make a better decision regarding the purchase of the gem.

Size of the pearl gem is also a major issue which needs to be verified while purchasing. Pearl for ring differs in size as compared to those which are used for pendants and other jewellery. Confirming these aspects during purchase of the gem makes it healthier for the wearer as the stone purchased with proper verification can only upgrade the living standards to comparatively better.

Comparing prices at multiple stores also acts as a key factor during a gemstone purchase as the product holds multiples prices at different stores. Price satisfaction can be taken as the last step of buying a gemstone after the customer is quality assured.

Astrological concepts followed by exceptional results have attracted human minds quite magnificently. Such studies have made people realize that there has been some strong support available in some form of magical powers unwrapped with kind handling of pure gemstones. There is a genuine connection in between human beings and celestial bodies floating in space is an unbelievable fact yet such facts needs firm base and the building trust of people is strengthening its roots well.

The stone which is ruled by moon and is really quiet and cool is specifically known as Pearl or Moti or Mukta. In Hindu astrology, it is known as the cool and calming planet. The aggregation of the stone is equipped with the dense form of sea salt. You can also obtain natural pearl from the selfish. If you can buy the pearl coming from Basra, this would help you to go ahead with a great quality. This is the only stone which needs to be recommended for all the people who are connected with mental agitations. If you are among the natives who have got moon as benefic, you must wear pearl immediately.
Pearl Mukta
Pearl is used as a remedy for Moon in Indian Vedic Astrology. From various experiment I found that Only White Pearl works for Moon. There are various other colored Pearls are available which works for different purpose. Like Pink Pearl works for Sun, Blue Perl works for Saturn, etc. Golden Pearl is already known to use for Jupiter and Moon together.

Pearl is the gemstone which was admired by different queens in the past, and still their necklaces can be found in the museum, such as, the necklace Queen Achemenid. Emperors used to serve wine to their honorable guests with a Pearl in the glass

If we talk about healing effects of the Pearl, it can increase hormonal secretions. Migraines and headaches can be eliminated by wearing the Pearl necklace if it is in contact with skin.

General characteristics of pearl
    • One can use pearl with silver metal to go away from various tensed situations
    • If you are having an indecisive characteristics, pearl would be an important option for you. Along with the wear of pearl, it is also quite important to recite gayatri mantra for 30 days. As soon as 30 days operation of the same is over, individual would obviously get a soothing effect in his mind and can take really quick decision.
    • The pearl can help you to make an enhancement in your memory and induce concentration. It is essential to make use of pearl for the scholars as well as students who wish to appear for the competitive exams but have got wavering thought.
    • Enhancement of personal charm is also possible to achieve as and when individual would be equipped with pearl in his body.
    • If you are having a pessimistic mentality and wish to get a love affair with optimism, pearl can help you out.
    • If ladies prefer wearing pure pearl string around their neck, it would help her to get a preserving though with chastity.
    • Since, the pearl is really pure and sacred. The wearer would be away from ill reputed person as well as other unhealthy practices,
    • If you can wear the pearl with a good quality, say around the denomination of 5.45 ratti, it would be a protective shield against stormy weather.
    • If you are not having your self confidence, wearing pearl will help you to go ahead with an increased confidence level.
    • If you are working in hospital or are engaged in any other humanitarian activities, pearl would be of a wonderful help to you.

Some universal indications of pearl:

It is a cancer ascendant. Pearl would be of a great tonic for all the individuals who would wish to develop the qualities mentioned in points. If an individual have got such a horoscope where Jupiter is been placed in a weak posture, pearls would be a wonder. Here moon is placed in Scorpio and is also known as benefic. Since of is a benefic to moon, the same is been placed in 12th, 6th as well as 8th houses. People can know more about utility of pearl in their life with a consultation of a renowned astrologer.
Pearl Mukta
They are capable of increasing the wisdom of the wearer. Pearl is most suitable for Zodiac Sin of Cancer, whereas black Pearl is effective for Capricorn.

Pearls should be prevented from make-up and perfumes as they lose their healing powers. Pearl should be in contact with skin otherwise it may not exert its healing powers over wearers. Moreover, it must be kept in light and not into dark places.

Pearl can be found in Central America, Australia, Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Mannar in white, silver, cream, gold, greenish, black, blue shimmering colors.

Effect of pearls with various ascendants

    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Aries Mesh ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Taurus Vrish ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Gemini Mithun ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Cancer Karkat ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Leo Simha ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Virgo Kanya ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Libra Tula ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Scorpio Brischik ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Sagittarius Dhanu ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Capricorn Makara ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Aquarius Kumbha ascendant
    Pearl or Moti or Mukta for Pisces Meen ascendant

Therapeutic uses of pearl

Pearls would do wonders when placed to get a cure of various diseases. An individual suffering from Epilepsy would get a wonderful benefit as and when he wears pearl with Emerald and Pukhraj. You can also get a good benefit from Giddiness once you can use pearl with Quarts or without quartz. A perfect menstrual flow would be achieved for all the ladies who would wear pearl with Amethyst. If you know a person who actually requires mental ailment, must wear pearl with Topaz. Again migraine would be cured with the use of pearl with golden Topaz. People can be affected with piles in many situations. If an individual can use pearl with Gomedh, problem can be solved absolutely.
Pearl Mukta
Indian Vedic astrology recommends Pearl in general to wear from 4 Carat to 15 Carat depends on the need.

Pearl is cheap compared to other gem stone and available in large amount due to Pearl Culture in large scale. But, it is important to have solid, good shape, color and size to get good price for a Pearl.

Pearl starts from a price of Rs 10/- to very very high Price tag.

Local Pearl with not So good quality Pearl  (6 to 12 Carat of size) is available with around Rs 50/- per carat. Good looking Chinese Pearl with 6-12 Carat size costs around Rs 70/- to Rs 100/- per Carat. Burma Pearl is a very expensive one which costs Rs 900/- to Rs 1,200/- per carat.

Most expensive and rare Pearl is Basrai Pearl which costs Rs 5,000/- to Rs 7,000/- Per Carat if weight is less that 3 Carat. If a Basrai Pearl is more than 3 Carat then it costs Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/- per Carat (size is less than 6 Carat).

Please note that, 1 Gram = 8 Ratti = 4.8 Carat and 1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat.

Pearls available are normally not fake in the market, but there are chances that a lower quality Pearl can be mixed with higher quality one.

There is a particular weight. People must wear pearl with the denomination of either 2 or 4 or 6 or 11 carats. You can set the stone in ring on Thursday of shukla paksha or on Monday. Individual must have a look whether the moon is progressing through cancer or Taurus. Ascendant must wear pearl with silver metal and placement must be done in 4th finger or little finger. The specific time of wearing the same is Monday morning from 7:30 am to 9:00 am.


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