Onyx Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ColorWhite, Black, Banded
Crystal HabitAggregate
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness6.5 to 7 Mohs scale
Specific gravity2.55 - 2.70
Refractive index1.530 - 1.543

Onyx is the rare gemstone which was used from the early civilization for its high energy power and sober beauty which gives a long lustrous impact among everybody. The deep black color with white shades were used in magic works,burials and even amulets in swords. The irony lies in the fact though there were numerous precious gems but onyx is mentioned in Bible as the historical gem.

There are diversities of culture and believes, so onyx also have different myths attached to it. Some believes it is a stone of bad luck where positive energy of human beings converges into it. It was said to invoke sadness,anger,family discord and separation of minds between human.

Onyx -Scientific origin

Onyx is layered chalcedony with white and black band around it. It has a wide range of varieties where onyx alternate with reddish brown chalcedony known as sard is called sardonyx.

Uses of Onyx

There are several myths and numerous outcomes of using onyx.

A shield against nightmares and negative thoughts:- It is considered as fighter against any kind of fear and protective shield for psychic feelings. It is tool of protection from nightmares or fear from darkness, a fighter against negativeness and criticism.

Enhances strength and stamina:-onyx is considered as excellent stone for invoking inner strength,stimulating inventive power and enhances self-control.

Physical healing:-Onyx has a vast aspects in healing purposes. It treats a person physically for blood pressure,bone marrow,cell damage,teeth infections and epilepsy.

Helps in hearing sensation:-Wearing onyx heals the haring sensation,sharpens the hearing sensation,activates the nervous system.

Overcomes addiction:-If a person is suffering from any kind of addiction which is causing physical and mental degradation will overcome it by wearing this stone.

The outcome of wearing onyx is numerous,and the best result could be gained if it is used with silver. Therefore to ensure good fortune and happiness then onyx is the best solution to any problem.


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