Dioptase Gemstone

Buy Dioptase Online Buy Dioptase Gemstone Dioptase
Physical Features:
Color Dark vivid bluish-green
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, translucent
Specific gravity3.25 - 3.35
Refractive index1.644 - 1.720
Birefringence0.051 - 0.053

Dioptase instills emotions such as forgiveness and compassion. By having it in your possession you will learn to move on in life no matter what you are up against at present. Thus, the user of this stone will also learn to go past any type of karmic issues or blocks from his/her past lives at the same time. So, if you feel like you need it to reach your goal or destination, then you can easily buy dioptase online from the comfort of your home.

Dioptase is a unique green stone and it always encourages the user to come close to all the richness and abundance in life. Interestingly, it will teach the user how to accept his/her present situation, and release the bad karmic effects from his/her previous lives in the best possible manner. Therefore, the user will get a new hope and it will help the person to adopt a fresh approach towards life as well.

This green stone was previously known as the Copper Emerald. You will come across its deposits in countries such as Namibia, Zaire, Iran, Russia, USA, Congo, Peru, and Chile. Some deposits have been located in North Africa as well. As far as the variation in color is concerned, it can be anything between emerald green, blue-green, and deep turquoise. If you make an in-depth search over the internet, you will come across these color variations quite easily. Thereafter, you can make your mind to buy dioptase along with other gemstones online as per your convenience.

Finally, the stone helps to control the inner child within a person. In the process, the user of this stone will also get rid of negative emotions like anger, hatred, and jealousy. To be precise, it will help its user to become a better person in order to attract success in life.


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