Lepidolite Gemstone

Buy Lepidolite Online Buy Lepidolite Gemstone Lepidolite
Physical Features:
ColorAll colors
Crystal HabitPrismatic to acicular crystals
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness7 - 7.5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity2.85 - 3.35
Refractive index1.614 - 1.666
Birefringence0.014 - 0.040

Lepidolite is popularly known as the stone of transition. It is most useful for that person whose Zodiac sign is Libra. It is very much beneficial for opening up the crown and the third eye chakra. It is available in the market in rose violet and lilac colours. It gently induces change by altering the psychological and behavioural pattern of an individual. It is very helpful in improving the intellect of a person by activating the third eye chakra where throat and heart exist. It helps to create a positive environment around the person who wears it. There are several health and psychological benefits of this gem stone.

Health benefits of Lepidolite:-

It helps to clear all sorts of electromagnetic pollution. It improves the immune system of an individual. It is also helpful in smoothening the nervous system as well as restructure of the DNA of an individual. It also removes the tension related disorders from a human being's life. These gems stone can be a great help for those type of person who are suffering from epilepsy, Alzheimer, and from other sorts of allergies. It is also very much helpful for bipolar disorders. It can also cure sciatica and neuralgia and helps in overcoming joint problems.

Psychological benefits of Lepidolite:-

It helps in removing any mental dependency or addiction. A person who wears these gem stone gets protected from any sort of negative energy. It improves self confidence and relationships among your loved ones. It erodes all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings from an individual's mind. Thus provides him a clear vision and objective oriented thinking capacity. By clearing the blockages of crown chakra it helps to bring a cosmic awareness in one's life.

Thus it ensures psychological and mental peace in the mind of an individual on a constant basis.


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