Rubellite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ChemicalNa(Li1.5Al1.5) Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4
ColorPink to red
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness7 - 7.5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity3.01 - 3.06
Refractive index1.614 - 1.666
Birefringence0.014 - 0.040

Rubellite or as it is also known Pink Tourmaline is one of the most precious kinds of gemstones online. Its color greatly varies from a tone of hyacinth to pink. The presence of the chemical element due to which it gets its color is Manganese. The gemstone gets darker with more percentage of Manganese in it. Rubellite is the sole gemstone with naturally occurring intense red hue. It is found in some noteworthy places like Brazil, Mozambique, Pakistan, Madagascar, United States and Nigeria. This is one of the most popular gemstones found in both the market as well as you can buy gemstones online.

Use and purpose

Wearing a gemstone can prove really beneficial for you. And a powerful one like Rubelite has its own perks, which are as follow:

1. It provides strength to the heart and improves blood circulation and flow of blood in the blood vessels.

2. This stone acts as a healer for those who suffer from obsession, paranoia, hysteria. Not only does it works in gradually curing them but also boosts up your mental health.

3. Often after undergoing a trauma, people tend to become emotionally numb. Rubelite can bring you out from the lost zone of life through its healing power.

4. For those who are going through the toughest phases in life like depression, anxiety, fear or stress wearing Rubelite can ease your mind and help you deal calmly with the troubles in life.

5. Due to the intense red or pink hue of Rubelite, it is often referred to as the color of Life Force, hence it exhibits qualities of vitality and vivacity that increases your low spirits I life.

6. While going through heartbreak or any form of abuse, it can be really difficult to hold yourself together. Rubelite can come to your rescue. Wearing this gemstone for long can have a soothing influence on your mind and body.


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