Verdite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Clevage: Perfect;
Colour: Green;
Density: 2.80-3.0;
Hardness: 3 Mohs scale;
Transparency: Translucent,Opaque;

Verdite, mainly found in South Africa is a gemstone based in Fuchsite which is a mineral belonging to the mica group. It basically comes in the shade of deep green. The color majorly depends on the chromium content of the stone. Sometimes, it comes in patterns of swirled appearance or spots. However, sometimes the pure deeper greenish shade is tinted with hues of yellow, white, light green and red. Its first discovery was made at North Kaap River, South Africa in the mines where gold was found.

Uses and Purposes:

Shona, a native tribal group of Zimbabwe believed that Verdite, in particular, has powers of fertility. Therefore, it is often used while breeding the pedigree animals for better results.

It has powers to heal someones scarred past or a persons fear of ghosts and apparitions. Wearing verdite instills in him/her a very positive energy and slowly takes away fears.

This gemstone has a very close link with the truth. Therefore, it is extensively used for revealing the truthfulness or vice versa in any relationship.

Traditional Hinduism had faith in its energy to influence someone in proper decision-making capabilities, love, compassion and many other alike aspects.

In the physical prospect, Verdite also has properties. It has been observed to be beneficial for the lungs, heart, endocrine system and the thymus gland.

Not only in regard to animals, it is also advised to women who want to conceive. Besides, it is used in several of the fertility rituals.

If you are worried about your own or someone elses health, consider wearing verdite to keep your mind and body in good health.

There are times in life when we easily get irked by ourselves and others. Verdite works on your anger and eases your temperament.

You can buy verdite in any market stores and also in online stores.


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