Aquamarine Gemstone

Buy Aquamarine Online Buy Aquamarine Gemstone Aquamarine
Physical Features:
Color Blue, greenish-blue
Crystal Habit Prismatic
Crystal SystemHexagonal
CleavageImperfect, almost never seen
Hardness7.5 - 8 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
Specific gravity 2.66 - 2.80
Refractive index1.570 - 1.592
Birefringence0.005 - 0.009

As per folklore, it was believed that aquamarine can be extremely helpful in case a person is facing any sort of legal disputes. It was also believed that it has all it takes to treat liver, stomach, and throat complications. One never knows how much truth there is behind folklore, but theres no doubt in the fact that aquamarine brings with it a great degree of purity, and a type of calmness that can only be compared with the sea. Its considered as a gem of protection at the time of any travel (water related), and enhances the communication skills of the user at the same time.

The color of this stone is usually ocean-like. However, you will also come across the bluish- green version if you decide to buy gemstones online. Again, it was believed that it had a significant connection with the activities of the moon. However, even modern day supporters of this stone think that the usage of aquamarine should be done when moon is somewhat increasing in its size. This should be taken as a suggestion for achieving the best possible results from this stone, and it does not mean in any way that you should not be wearing the stone on other days. Its also firmly believed that moons magnetism power will help to bring more accuracy as far as aquamarines forecasting ability is concerned.

Aquamarine represents all things related with the sea. At the same time, it also represents all types of things connected with heaven. For this reason, its considered as a priced possession in the hands of mystics, healers, shamans, and prophets. This stone also eliminates the fear associated with speaking, and hence, considered as a valuable thing for those in the teaching profession. Finally, it controls anger in crucial situations. For all these reasons, you can buy aquamarine online. Best of luck!


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