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my photo MoonAsto.com is a family of the Best Astro Gurus who made astrology as a hobby but not a profession. We are passionate and dedicated in astrology and we assure you getting accurate information from a respected source.

All astrologers here provide information for FREE. Our goal is to provide all the astrological services made automated to make it completely free to you.

We have 25+ years of experience in astrology and will continue to serve you with free predictions and other important information.

About MoonAstro.com: It’s all about Vedic Astrology….

The premise of Astrology is the influential movements of planets with the Moments in Time.  There's a cosmic dance on the grand scale, and one on the intimate scale, going on for each of us. Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships of planets in motion, our birth chart, synastry with others, the make-up of elements and using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning. 

MoonAstro.com is India’s one of the leading online Vedic Astrology companies which was founded in the year 1998 and Website started in 2012. During very limited time span MoonAstro becomes the pioneer in more than one ways in its particular arena. It aims to serve a range of best valued products and services through providing Free Vedic Astrological information, through Personalized Astrological Prediction, and by various paid services and products. Free Horoscope provided by Moonastro is the only solution that even predicts remedy as gemstone. Its extremely popular worldwide. MoonAstro is also equipped with valuable information about Numerology, Vasstu, Baby Names and its meaning, Palmistry or Palm Reading, Yantra, Gem Stones, Rudraksha and many more. It is completely dedicated round-the-clock customer support and services.  


Our Values:

Innovation : Innovation is the key term of the Team MoonAstro. Through unbreakable dedication and new ideas Team MoonAstro improves the site quality and service quality as well.

Excellence : From the natal days the focus and continuous improvement lead the organization to its excellence status and now MoonAstro is shining like a star.

Customer Satisfaction : Team MoonAstro is responsible to provide priority, respect, consideration for both internal and external customers.

Team Work : The entire team of MoonAstro is accountable for Transparency, Team Work and Trust and these are the reasons behind the glory of Us.


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