Do I have Manglik Yoga / Kuja Yoga

According to Indian Astrology, if the planet, Mars is present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of a chart, then Manglik Yoga or Dosha or the Kuja Dosha is created. Manglik Yoga or dosha is especially considered as highly inauspicious in matters of pertaining to marriage. This dosha may cause the marriage to be unsuccessful, troublesome. These may even be the result in death of the spouse. If a person with Manglik dosha gets married to someone who also has Manglik Yoga or dosha, then the ill- effects of the dosha tone down or completely cancelled. Such a union is therefore recommended and considered prosperous.

But such a presence would mean that almost half the people throughout the world have Manglik Yoga or Dosha. Therefore the marriages of almost half the people should have troubles and fail. But just the presence of Mars is not enough to decide what kind of results the native will have.
Manglik Yoga
The strength and the position of the Mars should also be looked at to make further predictions. If the strength is more than around 55%, which is very rare, only then the Manglik Yoga or Dosha will be the of cause serious damage to the marriage, result in divorce, or result in death in certain rare cases. Therefore, although Mangal Dosha could be a common phenomenon, it’s a cause of real destruction.

The presence of Mars in these houses doesn’t always suggest a Manglik Yoga or Dosha. It, on some rare occasions, could also suggest Manglik Yoga, which is the exact opposite of the Manglik Dosha. Manglik Yoga can be formed if the Mars is a beneficial position in these houses. This Yoga makes the native’s marriage successful, prosperous, happy and timely.
Mangal Yoga or Dosha can also get cancelled within a chart itself because of some auspicious placements of other planets and signs. If Planet Mars is placed in own sign, which are Aries and Scorpio, or in exalted sign, Capricorn or in the houses of friendly planets, which are the Sun, the Jupiter and the Moon, then the Mangal Dosh will be cancelled.

If the 2nd house is Gemini or Virgo and has Mars in it, then also the Mangal Dosh got cancelled. If Planet Mars is placed on the 12th house and lord of Ascendant, ie when placed on sign Taurus or zoiac sign Libra, then again, the Mangal Dosh got cancelled. If Mars is placed in the 8th house and ruled by Sagittarius or Pisces, then the Dosha isn’t even created. If the lagna sign is Cancer or Leo, then Mars becomes a beneficial planet. Hence its placement anywhere would not cause the Mangal Dosh to form.

If the Lagna sign is Aquarius, then Mars will be placed in 4th or 8th house. It cancels the effect of Mangal Dosh. If the auspicious planets, Jupiter or Venus, are placed in the Lagna house, then placement of Mars anywhere will not form a Mangal Dosh. If Mars is in combination with the planets Jupiter or the Moon, then any placement of Mars will not be the cause of the formation of a Mangal Dosh. Lastly, if Mars is in combination with the Sun, the Mercury, the Saturn, or the Rahu, then again, any placement of Mars does not form the Mangal Dosh.

Therefore, one must be careful in the readings regarding Mangal Dosh. Although the definition is the basic and anyone can find the Manglik Dosha, based on this definition, a lot more is there that determines the true nature of the Mangal Dosh. The Dosha might be getting cancelled. It may have never existed due to the influence of some auspicious positions, or maybe the exact opposite of itself, the auspicious Manglik Yoga.

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