Blue zirkon Gemstone

Know the historical facts related to blue zirkon gemstone and how you can get benefits from it

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Physical Features:
Crystal HabitDodecahedral
Crystal SystemIsometric
Hardness7 - 7.5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity3.55 - 3.73
Refractive index1.735 - 1.744

Without any doubt, today market is full with varieties of gemstones that are not only appealing but also have magical effects in it. In fact, some of them are so powerful that they can heal all your problems and even help in recovering from health issues. Blue Zirkon is one of them and is in great demand these days. The cut and color of this gemstone is so attractive that it will make you fall in love. Zirkon is basically a natural mineral that is available in many other colors such as white, rose, blue, green, yellow, orange and brown. But, out of all blue zirkon is most popular and is produced with help of heat treatment. It also has some unique properties that make this gemstone so popular and its hardness is something that will blow off your mind. Blue zirkon is mostly used in rings and for making other jewelry pieces. This gemstone is available in many tones of blue such as from pale to medium blue. In fact, sometime this gemstone also looks greenish from one side due to the pleochroism.

Blue zirkon forJewelry

Due to the beautiful cut and shape, blue zirkon is used for making jewelry such as rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and many more. They will definitely give you a unique look that will grab attention of a large number of people. There are so many dealers who deal in blue zirkon at wholesale price so you can purchase this gemstone from them at low price. In fact, some of the jewelers also offer this precious gemstone in loose that later can be crafted into jewelry. Since, they are not costly so you can think of investing in this gemstone that will give you many benefits.

Blue zirkon and astrology

Almost, all the gemstones have some relationship with astrological stars and zodiacal sign. So, in the same manner this gemstone is also a part of astrology and even many astrologers say that this gemstone can change the destiny of its wearer. Blue zirkon gemstone is having very important place in astrology as it helps in emitting harmful energies from your body and protect it as well. In fact, it is often believed that this gemstone carry some unique characteristics that help in attracting positive energy and moreover also attract wealth, power self confidence, name, fame, prosperity, love, happiness and many more. Not only this, it can also cure some of the chronic and serious diseases including fever, epilepsy and insanity. Along with this, it is important to maintain the shine of gemstone because most of the astrologers believe that its shine is the main perspective and if it will not shine then all the positive energies will be converted into negative. Since, zirkon is available in many other colors so it is important that you should select color according to your astrological star and zodiacal sign.

Sources of zirkon

Blue zirkon is found in many places in gem gravels and indigenous rocks. But, most of the gemstones are found at placer deposits in form of water worn pebbles. Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand are the greatest and most popular sources of blue zirkon. In fact, at these places this gemstone is produced in a large quantity and thus they contribute the major portion. So, gem gravel of Thailand hold very important place following Sri Lanka and Myanmar. In fact, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos also produce blue zirkon as by product of corundum mining. Similarly, Norway, Russia and Germany also produces this precious gemstone but in lesser amount. While on the other hand, Brazil and Madagascar also produce this gemstone but they are large in size in comparison to the blue zirkon produced atUnited States and Canada gem gravels. Although, most of the blue crystals are found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand but they get their color with help of heat treatment.

Treatment process of blue zirkon

Zirkon gemstones are treated in heat that increases the transparency and also help in producing good blue color. On heating reddish-brown or grayish-brown gemstone in oxygen free environment you will get blue colored gemstone and if it will be heated again then blue color turns in golden-brown. In fact, heat treatment also helps in producing colorless gemstone sometime. So, overall you can say that zirkon are given heat treatment in order to get blue color.

Benefits of blue Zirkon

By wearing blue Zirkon gemstone, the wearer will get numbers of benefits that will change the life of the wearer. This gemstone is very powerful and also has many healing properties that will help in overcoming all type of health issues and will also bring fruitful results. Mentioned below are some of the benefits that you will get by wearing this miraculous gemstone:

The magical abilities of this gemstone will erase all the negativity from your life and it will also remove feeling of deception from the mind of wearer.

From last so many years, it is used as symbol of love and purity.

This gemstone is very beneficial for those people who are suffering from asthma and allergic problems.

Blue zirkon will also increase self confidence and give strength to wearer.

It is also beneficial for pregnant ladies as it will give them strength for delivering the baby.

It will help in overcoming respiratory problems, bronchial and lung issue as well.

It will help the wearer in avoiding migraine attacks and also bring purity and peace in heart of the person.

It helps in increasing the interest of person in science and knowledge related to truth.

It also augments mental and psychical strength plus is a good source of doing meditation.

It brings dreams and visions into reality and also provide social, emotional and physical support as well.

Blue zirkon proves to be very beneficial for women as it makes them superior and also help them in achieving their targets and goals.

It enhances memory of wearer and also helpin clearing blocked passages that will bring harmony in life of wearer.

It is very beneficial for health and help in overcoming issues related to reproductive system and abdominal issues.

It will also remove fearful and evil thoughts from mind of the wearer and bring good thoughts that will beneficial.

Categories of blue zirkon

The very beautiful and attractive blue zirkon is divided into numbers of categories. Some of them are mentioned below:

Jargon: They are well known because of their unique color and characteristics that add an advantage in it. Most of the gemstone belonging to this category are colorless or are pale gray and pale yellow in color.

Starlite: They are blue in color and is a type of blue zirkon gemstone. They look very appealing and mostly used for making jewelry.

Jacinth: This gemstone is red, yellow, brown and orange in color because of which they give attractive appeal.

Cyrtolite: It is unstable and metamictmaterial which traces radioactive elements in term of its structure.

Seiland zirkon: This gemstone is lustrous and red in color which is mostly found in Seiland Island in Norway.

How to take care of blue zirkon gemstone?

Blue zirkon require proper care and maintenance as they are not like other hard mineral. When misused they can break, have scratches or even shatter so it is important that you must take out sometime and invest in cleaning it. You can also polish your gem with help of polishing serum that will help in maintaining its gloss and shine. In fact, blue zirkon is very sensitive and crack can occur due to many unforeseen situations such as sudden change in temperature thats why it is advisable that you must look after your gemstone on regular basis. Since, it do any have any type of harmful effect on the wearer so the person can wear it all time. Although, they emit some radiation due to presence of uranium but it do not have any type of effect on body of the wearer.


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