Selenite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Crystal habit: Earthly dull;
Colour: brown green,brownish yellow,green,gray white;
Crystal System: Monoclinic;
Hardness: 2 Mohs scale;
Birefringence: 0.0090-0.0100;

Few of the alternative names of Selenite are Maria Glass, Satin Spar, Desert Rose etc. This particular gemstone is basically transparent and translucent. However, sometimes it comes in opaque forms, as in the type of Desert Rose. This stone has a wide range of variety in terms of colors. Generally colorless, but with each type of forms, the hinges also vary greatly. It is most commonly found in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and the United States. And sold throughout the world so that people can buy gemstones online.

1. One of its most unique features includes that it can be used to charge or cleanse other precious gemstones and crystals.

2. Selenite promotes honesty. It can very commonly use by businessmen to maintain their honesty. Also, it can be worn in any other kind of relationship for good purpose.

3. If you are not clear headed about things and is extremely unable to make decisions, it would be a wise decision to wear Selenite since it helps in bringing mental clarity. Besides, it improves ones decision-making ability as well as brings mental flexibility.

4. Selenite is a very powerful stone and has exceptional psychic awareness and intuitive qualities. It is also believed by many that the stone is incomparable when it comes to healing past life. This is mainly because of the stones influence on the third eye chakra which enables you to work on the mishaps of your past as well as present life.

5. This stone brings light from the higher realms to our physical existence on earth. The Divine light thus is beneficial for both mental as well as physical well-being.

6. People often have nightmares, which can leave them traumatized in some rare conditions. It is said that Selenite enters in the layers of ones dreams and soothes the troubles thus easing out ones mind. Therefore, lift ones body and spirits.

You can buy selenite both in local markets and get the gemstones online.


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