Spinel Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Color Red, pink, orange, blue, violet, blue-green
Crystal HabitCubic, Octahedral
Crystal SystemIsometric
Hardness7.5 - 8 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity3.54 - 3.70
Refractive index1.710 - 1.735

Spinel is a flat triangular shaped stone, coming from the magnesium aluminum family. It is hard vitreous stone present in different colors such as pink, red, blue, lavender, Violet, dark green, brown, black, and sometimes even colorless. It is transparent to opaque in various cases. A few Spinels made its way to worlds famous gemstones, for example- The Black Prince's Ruby and Timur Ruby in the British Crown. The Samarian Spinel is the largest Spinel in the world which weighs 500carats that is 100g. The old spinel has been named as Balas Ruby due to its rose-tinted color feature and sometimes is mistaken for Ruby due to its highly appealing rosy red color. It can be distinguished by its octahedral crystal and single refraction feature. They can be seen in octagons, trillions, squares, and other shapes.

Use and purpose:

Boosts high energy and sense of faith in oneself.

Helps in attracting money, fame, power, reputation.

Builds progress path of the individual.

It brings vitality to any endeavor made by the person.

It brings power from the Earth and thereby strengthen the spiritual energy.

Widens the scope of favorable destiny.

Helps in focusing on the set target.

It reduces the forgetfulness disorder.

Helps in astral traveling and aura cleansing.

Helps one to bring energy within in order to calm from distress.

Increases the intellectual power of the mind and tends to cement the system with positivity.

It helps in building stamina.

It brings energy in order to benefit the teeth, gums, roots, skin and whole body, balancing the health structure well.

Different Spinels has different benefits to the body. Some are related to throat chakra while some to root or other areas. But Spinels are considered as one of the most beautiful and powerful gemstones in the gem trade industry by the gemologists.


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