Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst, the magical gemstone that will bring lot of happiness in your life

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Physical Features:
ColorPurple, violet, pale red-violet
Crystal HabitHexagonal Prismatic
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness7 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
Specific gravity2.65
Refractive index1.544 - 1.553

The study of achieving future predications based of respective positions of celestial bodies is termed as astrology. Since way back, astrological studies have played immense role in providing better structure to human life. Getting in typical situations every then and now is considered very obvious as life being a mixed bag contains ample of joy and sorrow. Astrology serves as a medium for transforming uncertain phases of life into interesting ones. Every generation has been served with some great astrologers who have provided people with some true predications which have changed the entire structure of living.

Gemstones connect future predications based on astrological beliefs with human beings. There are so many gemstones in the world that are considered as precious stone such as ruby, diamond, sapphire or emerald etc. Then there are semi precious gems including amethyst as well. Amethyst is a commonly known gen which holds great powers to enrich human life. In olden times, warrior use to wear this gemstone because they use to think that this gemstone will help them in the battle and it will keep them cool headed. This gemstone is studded in necklace or ring, so you can wear them as per your choice. Here are benefits of wearing amethyst which are listed below:

Healing wound: People who have diabetes their skin become very sensitive which leads to skin damage. Far-infrared radiation helps to repair the skin tissue. If skin damage has been occurred by reconstructive surgeries then this gemstone can also heal that.

Helps in blood circulation: Far infrared radiation also helps in blood circulation. Therefore, scientists believe that amethyst helps to improve the circulation of blood. It will help in proper circulation of blood throughout your body that will help in proving much better benefits.

Prevent bacteria growth: According to the scientist far-infrared radiation stops the growth of bacteria. There is lot of bacteria that adversely affects your health so in such situation people can prefer wearing amethyst gemstone. Since, it is easily available in market so you need not have to worry as you can wear them in form of bracelets, rings and many more.

Helps to remove aerosol: Amethyst gem helps in minimizing aerosol content from both body and the surroundings, making living conditions better and hygienic.

Help to remove respiratory problems: Respiration is one of those needs which make human life possible. The gemstone amethyst therefore plays very crucial role as it cures respiratory disorders and provides comfort to life.

Gives support to the sleep: Providing peace and calm to human mind is also a celebrating benefit of amethyst. This helps in getting comfortable sleep and prepares positive insights for daily activities.

About Amethyst

Amethyst is basically a purple color of quartz and considered as most popular purple gem of all time. This gemstone is used to get cabochons, beads, tumbled stones, faceted stones and more.

Mosh hardness of the amethyst is 7 and it does not get break even by a cleavage. This gem is considered very ideal as well as durable even for the use of bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and many more other types of jewelry. Best part of this gemstone is that it is available at very cheap rate and anyone can easily afford it.

Amethyst color

Many people get attracted towards this gemstone because of its attractive purple color and its attractive color is also a main reason of its high popularity. Word amethyst is also known as the name of colors as well as name of gemstone.

Many people think that amethyst is available in only dark purple color gem but actually it is available in various purple shades. Purple color in the gemstone can be very light i.e. barely perceptible or can be very dark that it can be nearly opaque. Color of the gemstone can be violetish purple, purple, reddish purple etc. Today most of the light color amethyst cut down in a very tiny calibrated stones, so that it can be use in the jewelry. Reddish purple amethyst is considered very premium and that's why it is mostly used in designer as well as high end jewelry. This gemstone has a great attractive color and because of its durability as well as affordability it is not a surprise that amethyst is known as a favorite gem of the jewelers, artisans, consumers as well as craftsmen.

About Amethyst color zoning

Amethyst gemstone or you can say crystal grow at slow speed. Water composition from which these stones grow can alter over time. As the water composition gets change it result into the difference in iron amount into gem surface. Later on, when minerals emit the radiation to the surrounding or near by rocks then it will modify iron and result into the formation or generation of purple color. This can also result into the various color intensity zone over the crystal. Itis found in many colors ranging from violet to pale violet and pale red. There are many places where you can find this gemstone some of the famous countries are:




South America



Remove Shani problem with help of amethyst gemstone

Shani is also known as Saturn and plays very important role in the vedic astrology. It is the most beautiful planet out of all and have three rings and many satellites. It is the largest plant due to which it takes about 30 years to revolve around the sun. Meanwhile, in this process it takes 2.5 years to move from one zodiac sign to another. Since, shani is the ruling planet of sign Capricorn and Aquarius, so people of this zodiac sign can wear amethyst gemstone to get number of benefits. This gemstone has many spiritual powers and healing effects that help in lowering down the stress, tension and many such problems along with this, it will also reduce the effects of Shani. It is nugget that helps in radiating the energy and keeps negative powers away and brings positivity in your life. It helps in enhancing your goodwill and reputation due to which you will get number of benefits in your life.

Lord Shani is very famous for its aggression anddestructive nature, along with this; they are well known for justice and help in giving results as per your deeds. So, if you will keep Shani impressed then they will make you rich, bring lot of happiness in your life and also help in making you reach top of this world. Overall, it can take you from rags to riches and make you reach at such position that you never thought off.

For whom amethyst is beneficial

Amethyst gemstone is found quite beneficial for people like astrologers, mathematics, scientist, research scholars, physicians and many more. This gemstone has some magical powers in it that helps in enhancing their calculation power and makes them more intelligent. People who are born with zodiac sign such as Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius can also wear this gemstone. Along with them, people who have their birth date like 3, 8 and 4 can also wear this gemstone. This gemstone will help in enhancing your financial position, love related fortune, comfort, luxuries and many more.

Metaphysical properties of the amethyst

Amethyst is considered as a calming Stone and it is long been considered as a gemstone that help the person to overcome from the addiction as well as protect the person to stay away from drinking of alcohol or any other harmful substance. If you wear the amethyst then it can heighten the chastity, helps the person to control their thoughts as well as bring sobernity. There are various abilities of this gemstone that makes it special such as

  • Use of gemstone will evoke the energies of the stability
  • It can bring the peace in life and person can also able to achieve inner mind peace and more.
  • It can bring the balance in life and also strengthen the inner willingness of the person
  • It will bring the courage in life and increase the determination power of the person
  • This gemstone can also show some healing properties and it is highly used as alternative source for aiding of medical conditions such as insomnia, hearing disorders, headaches as well as problem with the lungs and heart. It can also help in the alignment of the chakras in the person body.

    Evaluate the cut of amethyst

    In order to maximize the beauty of gemstone more it is often cut into the proper shape. In order to get the crystal eye clean with very minimal or as no zoning, faceting plays an important role. Main aim of the faceting is to get or enable the gemstone to reflect or shine as bright as like the light.

    Depending on the color distribution as well as size of stone any type of cut can be possible such as cushion, oval, marquise, triangle or emerald.

    For the highly included gemstone that has prominent zoning it is best for you to polish it with cabochons is very ideal. Anything that is considered as a flaw such as inclusions or zoning are used as an advantage in the cut.

    Amethyst stems from the Greek word ‘amethyein’, meaning the condition of non-drunkenness. Greeks used to use Amethyst as a protection against homesickness, black magic, drunkenness and devils. Moreover, in India, Buddhist used Amethyst to develop concentration during mediation. So overall, it is used for many treatment purposes.

    One of the very famous uses of Amethyst is that it reduces the headaches and migraines. Amethyst prevents an individual from crimes such as theft and burglary.

    In the nineteenth century, Amethyst’s colour was certified to the existence of Manganese. Some authorities believed that its colour is from a raw source.

    World’s largest Amethyst vein is Maissau. It is from Lower Austria. But finest Amethyst comes from Mursinka in the district Ekaterinburg of Russia. Many places in the South India yields Amethyst. Zambia is the largest producer of Amethyst in the Africa continental. Their annual production is around thousand tones.

    United States is also the producer of Amethyst. Some places are Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan etc. Thunder Bay in Ontario is the largest Amethyst mine in Northern America. Amethyst also found in the South Korea.

    Personality of regular users of Amethyst is very charming and attractive for other people, and if it is pointed toward the head of an individual, it increases his confidence. This stone is compatible with Pisces.
    It should not be kept in sunlight and should be washed with running water once in a month. It is found in Brazil, Morocow, Mexico, and Western Australia and its color ranges from dark to light violet.

    Price of Amethyst depends on its color. Price increases from Very light color to very deep color of the Gem. If color of the Gem is very light then the price will be Rs 70/- per Carat. If the color is good then the price starts from Rs 100/- per Carat.

    There are excellent cutting available for Amethyst in very cheap price. Good quality (Good color and excellent cut) Amethyst is available from Rs 150/- per Carat.
    But wearing natural , clear and good cut stones gives good effect in life. Natural gem is something that was found in a mine and thousands of years old and not artificially factory made.

    Amethyst is recommended to be purchased not less than 4 Carat and not more than 12 carat. More or less can create bad effect on the person wearing it.

    1 Gram = 8 Ratti = 4.8 Carat and 1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat

    Be aware of artificially prepared colored stone. 80% gems available are not natural stone. This is indeed a big problem in the market now. As Amethyst is a cheap gem stone compared to others so chances of being artificial is little less.

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