Chrysoprase Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ColorColored by nickel: (yellowish)-green
Crystal HabitAggregate
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness6.5 - 7 Mohs scale
TransparencyTranslucent, Opaque
Specific gravity2.58 - 2.64
Refractive index1.530 - 1.543
Birefringence0.003 - 0.009

Chrysoprase the name of this stone is derived from the Greek word "chrys" which actually means gold or yellow. Its, green colours in Greek word refers to "leek. It has been found in USA, Australia, Poland, Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil and Russia. It energizes and activates the heart and sacral chakras. For persons having Zodiac sign of Libra, Taurus and Gemini this stone is very useful for them. It is believed that this stone bring universal energy in to the physical body. There are several psychological and health benefits associated with this gemstone. It also enhances the state of deep mediation to increase the spiritual strength of an individual.

Health benefits of Chrysoprase:-

It is considered to be the strong detoxifying stone. It encourages the body to get rid of all sorts of poison thus stimulates the functioning of the liver. This gemstone helps to eliminate all sorts of waste from the body as well as from the mind. For preventing nightmares and claustrophobia this gemstone is considered to be the excellent solution for this type of health problems. In most cases it has been found that it promotes an excellent sleep to those who remains very much in stress or in depression all the time. It is well known due to its property to balance the hormones and reproductive organs. It soothes digestive system and very much effective for treating the disorders of thymus and lungs. For treating the skin disease and disorders of heart this gemstone is considered to be very effective. At times it also helps in assimilation of vitamin C.

Psychological benefits of Chrysophrase:-

These gemstones remove the negative energy from the body and create a positive environment around the person who wears this gemstone. It helps to control the angry and impulsive behaviour of a person. Promotes the nature of love for truth in a person. It enhances the creative talent in an individual. Mends relationship and broken heart of an individual thus creates a positive environment all around.

Most of the astrologers today recommend wearing this gemstone to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.


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