Cavansite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ColorBy definition,chrysoberyl must be in the hues of red and green to be called alexandrite.
Crystal HabitTabular, pseudo-hexagonal
Crystal System Orthorhombic
CleavageGood in one direction, imperfect in another
Hardness8.5 Mohs scale
LusterVitreous to Greasy
TransparencyTransparent to nearly opaque
Refractive index 1.744 - 1.755

Cavansite guides you through the transition phases whenever your life experiences some major changes. At the same time, it also helps to get rid of your habit of faulty thinking to a great extent. This stone is also considered as a perfect thing to use at the time of meditation. Cavansite will guide you to make an understanding with your previous experiences, and will teach how to make a friendship with the past experiences that have not been very pleasant. Eventually, this will help you to grow as a person, and you will master the art of dealing with life on an optimistic note. Cavansite also helps its wearer to remember the information he/she has gained from the spiritual trips, and helps to establish communication with the mysterious spirit world. So, if at any point you feel like that this stone is for you, then go ahead and buy cavansite online. Its just a few mouse clicks away from you!

You will come across this stone in countries such as USA, Brazil, New Zealand, and India. However, the finest quality is only located in India. This beautiful blue crystal is very small in size, and come in the shape of puffballs. If you buy gemstones online, then you will also come across colors such as greenish blue and ultramarine blue.

This stone can be extremely beneficial in case you are suffering from a condition like tinnitus. Its also beneficial for our bladder, kidneys, throat, and the eyes. However, in order to get the best possible beneficial effect, its important to wear cavansite on a regular basis. Moreover, the energy emitted from this stone goes on to increase the psychic powers of its user. Finally, it also helps the wearer to develop some new psychic gifts at the same time. So, best of luck!


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