Chrysocolla Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Color Green to blue veins and patches
Crystal HabitBotryoidal
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Cleavage None
Hardness2 - 4 Mohs scale
TransparencyTranslucent, Opaque
Specific gravity2.00 - 2.45
Refractive index1.460 - 1.570
Birefringence0.023 - 0.040

Chrysocolla is the gemstone which was first discovered in Egypt. It is also known as the Wise stone of Conciliation". The basic identification of this stone is that it appears in the form like a cluster of grapes or in a form of a crust. It is being believed that this gemstone creates a bridge of energy between the sky and the Earth. It helps to revitalize the chakras. It also reduces heaviness and negativity. This type of gem stone is most suitable for those people who possess the Zodiac sign of Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Virgo. Apart from these properties these gemstone has various beneficial health and psychological benefits to provide a stable life to an individual.

Health benefits of Chrysocolla:-

This gem stone is very effective in relieving from various health issues. In case of women it helps to sort out the hormonal problems and specific issues of reproduction from puberty. These health benefits women receive from this gem stone throughout their entire life. It is also responsible for curing various other diseases from which human being often suffers in their today's hectic schedule. Some of them are infections from throat, detoxifying the liver, alleviating cramps, and lowering the high blood pressure. It is also very much helpful from recovery of burns, and relieving from arthritis and ulcers. The above benefit an individual will receive only when this gemstone will be kept in the constant contact with the skin.

Psychological benefits of Chrysocolla:-

It reduces the anger, depression, and tension from the life of any person. This gemstone is beneficial for increasing the patience, tranquility and peace of mind for an individual to lead a stable life. At the time of crisis and turbulence this gemstone is very effective in creating a soothing and gentle effect thus calming the mind to take right decision at the right time.

So to get a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life this gemstone can be very useful.


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