Mystic quartz Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Crystal HabitHexagonal Prismatic
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness7 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity2.65
Refractive index1.544 - 1.553

Mystic Quartz is not the member of the original gem family,but it is a new type of gem first found in the year of 1998 with natural white dazzling color. It is considered as the enhanced gem coated with rainbow color effect to produce a color therapeutic object which is very lustrous to human eyes giving a unique presence among other family of gems.

Features of Mystic Quartz

From the very early age humankind have more inclination towards looks rather than its features. Therefore a dazzling magnificent color will always be a center of attraction of any person. The mystic quartz is found around half of the equator and being very versatile it is used in different type of majestic jewelry. Since the quality of this enhanced gem depends on its coating ,therefore to buy gem online the buyer must be aware of it properly.

Advantages of Mystic quartz---- journey from enhanced stone to real gem

Quartz has the load balancing phenomenon which nourishes a human mind, heals their emotions and set the path to flow the positive energy into human body to improve in every aspects of life.

Here we will discuss some points which is truly beneficial

Wearing mystic quartz increases the flow of positive energy bringing a complete balance in life to lead the life with grace and harmony.

Wearing it heals to regain the same positive life after a traumatic experience in anybody's life and enhances the color of life in every hurdles of journey.

It can be a great healer in case of illness, injury and pain. Mystic quartz fight against depression, feeling low and helps to invoke the positive energy within a person.

Balancing life and living the life like king size by captivating the effect of rainbow color in human life can be gained only with the lustrous color of mystic quartz.


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