Obsidian Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ChemicalSiO2 + MgO, Fe3O4
ColorBlack, brown, partly iridescent or with silvery or golden sheen (opaque)
Brown, green, red, blue (transparent)
Crystal HabitMassive
Crystal SystemAmorphous
Hardness5 to 5.5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity2.35 - 2.60
Refractive index1.450 - 1.550

The history of the obsidian stone evolves in different way then other as it a outcome of volcanic eruption that cooled very quickly with minimal crystal growth. There is a wide variety of this stone as it come in numerous colors,shapes and types. To overcome the hurdles of poorly set auric field obsidian can be the best choice for the well being if the bearer. There are numerous online shopping portal which showcase the brilliance of the obsidian stone, if you are a great fan of buying gemstones online then obsidian will be the real booster for a person's emotional,physical and spiritual health.

Obsidian-Transformation from rock to gem therapy

Obsidian is the outcome of the volcanic eruption has centrifuged its location to the places of active or dormant volcanoes. Every volcanic eruption produced distinguished type of obsidian stones used as means of trade in ancient era like sharp edged knives,plates and artillery tools.

ObsidianAdvantages to mankind.

Obsidian is stone of limitless boundaries to extract the energy from nature and insert within mankind to relieve all destructive condition.

1. Obsidian is a stone of great power by absorbing the negative energy from nature and transform the flow of positive energies and form a shield against negative energies.

2. Wearing obsidian invokes an inner strength within a person and deep soul healing features.

3. Obsidian acts as a healer which is very much effective in eating disorders,negative behavior,addiction and emotional disharmony.

4. The obsidian is considered as strong stone which acts as a aid of confronting truth and works very fast. It helps the person to keep away from any kind of negativity and keep within auric field.

5. Wearing obsidian heals the hardening of the arteries,joint pain and blood circulation and provides a positive energy.

Obsidian is strongly protective stone which acts a s a psychic protection to make life a better world to live in.


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