Chalcedony Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ColorWhite to grey, light blue, orange to red, black. banded
Crystal HabitCryptocrystalline silica
Crystal SystemHexagonal-R; 32 (trigonal-trapezohedral)
FractureConchoidal with very sharp edges.
Hardness6.5–7 Mohs scale
Specific gravity2.58–2.64
Refractive index1.530–1.540
Birefringenceup to +0.004 (B-G)

Chalcedony is known for its mystic and subtle nature. At the same time, its quite serene and cool as well. It generates a calming effect, and transmits trust and faith to its wearer. It usually comes in a soft blue color, and belongs to the family of quartz. The chalcedony stone helps at the time of meditation and reflection. It also prepares the wearer for justifiable action, but at the same time, teaches to control words that might be a matter of regret later on in life. Now, the good news is that its reasonably priced, and you can also buy chalcedony online quite easily for your friends and family members.

Chalcedony is also capable of absorbing a great amount of negative energy surrounding its user. At the same time, it promotes the concept of brotherhood as well as goodwill. It also opens the vision for new ideas, and instills feelings associated with kindness and benevolence. This stone is extremely effective for people who earn a living by speaking. Take for instance, political speakers, teachers, professors, actors, and lawyers. In this context, its important to mention that chalcedony even helps to overcome the stage fright to a great extent.

In the physical body, this stone can help to treat throat inflammation and chronic hoarseness. It also acts as a protective shield against conditions such as depression, obsessive jealousy, mood disorder, and tension. If a person wears it on a regular basis, then serious problems such as bi-polar disorder, autism, gallstones, and even dementia can be cured or managed to a considerable extent. Chalcedony has also proved beneficial in case of respiratory issues, hay fever, and various types of allergies. Moreover, the stone goes a long way to ensure smooth fluid flow in our body, and in the process manage a condition like edema. So, make sure to buy chalcedony and other gemstones online.


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