Crinoid Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Chrystal Habits: Agreegate;
Colour: green,white patches;
Crystal System: Monoclinic;
Hardness: 6.5-7 Mohs scale;
Birefringence: 0.003-0.009;

Crinoid is a Greek word known as krinon which actually means lily. They are found in the water in the shallow depths of water of 6000 meters. These fossils are found near about 245 -570 millions years ago. This gems stones are the fossils and are formed from the remains of sea urchins, sea cucumbers and sand dollars. They are actually formed from the dead decaying remains of these sea creatures. There are several forms in which this gemstone is very beneficial for both psychological and health benefits of an individual. This gemstone is mostly beneficial for persons having zodiac signs of Scorpio.

Health benefits of Crinoid:-

There is several health benefits associated with this gemstone. This gemstone is most effective to mitigate the gender disruptions of both the genders. It helps to keep intact the physical structure of the RNA and DNA of an individual. They appear in several forms in handling the skeletal structure of an individual. It is very helpful in relieving the body from the toxins. It removes the stress and tension from the body of an individual. Thus it ensures mental calmness and long term peace. It helps to improve the assimilation of oxygen in the body by improving the immune system and nervous system.

Psychological benefits of Crinoid:-

This gemstone is very beneficial for removing the negative energy from an individual's surrounding. It provides peace of mind and enhances the clarity of thoughts. It improves the creativity and innovative thinking power of an individual thus enhances the growth opportunity in one's life. It helps to achieve all the aspirations of an individual. It is being believed that this gemstone is also responsible for drawing wealth and good luck for a person.

So in most of the cases it has been recommended by the astrologers to promote a healthy and prosperous life.


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