Kunzite Gemstone

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Physical Features:

ColorPink, violet-pink
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Hardness6.5 - 7 Mohs scale
Specific gravity3.15 - 3.21
Refractive index1.657 - 1.681
Birefringence0.014 - 0.016

Kunzite gemstone is very popular due to its amazing beauty, pure energy and joyful nature. This gem stone is also popularly known as the "stone of emotion. That helps to connect and opens the heart and mind and establishes the connection of healing chat among them. They are available in the market in various colours like light violet, lilac, yellow, pink and palest pink. An, individual who wears this stone need to take care of one thing that they should be kept away from the sun rays in order to maintain the shine and gaze of this gemstone. There are several benefits associated with this gem stone.

Purpose and use of Kunzite gemstone:-

This stone is also known as the stone for the woman due to its beauty and shine. This stone is very helpful to that young mother who finds it very difficult to care for their baby. It is also very helpful to sleepless babies and for overactive children to control their emotion. The teenage girls who are entering in to the stage of their puberty can also be get benefited by the use of this stone. It provides enough mental peace to an individual by removing the negative vibes from their mind. It is also very much beneficial to new born who need to adjust new environment and new energies.

Healing effects of Kunzite:-

This gemstone is extremely beneficial for a person who is suffering from migraine, Puberty in teenagers. It is also helpful in treating skin rashes caused due to allergy. This stone is also helpful in strengthening heart muscles and improves the circulatory system of a person. There are numerous health and psychological benefits which can be derived from the use of this stone.

So in all the cases it is very evident that this gemstone is very beneficial in removing stress, tension and nervous disorder from an individual's life.


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