Heliodor Gemstone


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Physical Features:
ColorLemon to golden yellow
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemHexagonal
Hardness7.5 - 8 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity2.68 - 2.72
Refractive index1.566 - 1.579
Birefringence0.005 - 0.009

Heliodor is a gemstone which is often recommended by the gemmology experts for the overall well being of an individual. This is used to harness the power of Jupiter in the form of yellow sapphire. The real meaning of the name of this stone is gift of the sun". This stone is available in different forms like yellowish green tinge on it or in yellowish hue. As per the Greek mythological belief the golden hue which is being radiated by this stone brings good fortune for an individual's life. There are certain important beneficial features of this gemstone which are very useful for an individual.

It bestows wisdom, grace and knowledge to an individual's life:-

This mineral is well known for its property of enhancing the concentration level of an individual. As a result it creates a positive energy around itself who wore this gemstone in his or her hand. Heliodor is considered to be the most useful stone enhancing the creative skill of an individual.

It has strong protection power:-

It protects an individual from evil eye and jealousy from others. It removes negative energy from an individual's life and ensures the flow of positive energy. So, chances of better and prosperous life increases. It also removes the chances of hexing which ruins many individual's life on daily basis.

It improves decision making ability of an individual:-

Heliodor believed to improve the objective decision making ability of an individual. It helps an individual to make objective factual decision rather than making an emotional decision. These, improves their lifestyle and bring prosperity in their life on a long term basis.

It improves the communication skills of an individual:-

It improves the clarity of thought of an individual. Thus due to a clear vision an individual's communication skill improves a lot. Ultimately this results in improving the personality of an individual. This results an immense improvement in their both professional as well as in their personal life. Increases the bonding in a relationship. Heliodor gemstone is that blessing of nature which enhances the quality of living of a person.

Improves the self confidence of a timid person:-

It enhances the self confidence of an individual who is of a timid nature. Thus boost their career as well as their life style. It removes the fear from mind before doing any work from this type of persons. Thus Heliodor is just a blessing in disguise to this type person.

In a research study it has been found that to maintain a healthy and steady life this gemstone can be very useful. It improves the condition of heart, liver, and pancreas by removing the toxins from the body. Thus it provides a huge long term benefit to both health and mind which increases the productivity and self confidence of a person. Heliodor, can fill your life with full of positive energy around you. Thus, ensures better & healthy life with full of self confidence and better decision making ability. There is no better option than this gemstone to enhance the quality of living.


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