Lapis Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ChemicalMain constituent Formula : (Na,Ca)8Al6Si6O24(S,SO)4
ColorBlue, Azure blue, Violet blue, Greenish blue
Crystal HabitMassive
Crystal SystemIsometric
StreakLight blue
Hardness5 - 5.5 Mohs scale
Specific gravity 2.50 - 3.00
Refractive index1.500 - 1.670

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Lapis Lazuli is a standout amongst the most looked for after stones being used since man's history started. Its profound, divine blue remains the image of sovereignty and respect, divine beings and power, soul and vision. It is an all inclusive image of insight and truth. The Lapis Lazuli significance goes back to the Old Persian. Its name originates from the Persian word 'Lazur' signifying 'blue stone', as the best Lapis has dependably been of stunning blue shading. A portion of the best Lapis originates from the old mine in Afghanistan, which has been being used for a long time. While it has likewise been found in Italy, Egypt, Chile, Russia and the USA, a considerable lot of the best stores have been mined out, so top quality stone is getting to be plainly harder to get. Lapis is a brilliant stone for officials, writers, and clinicians, fortifying insight and decision making ability in the real world. It helps scholarly investigation in archeologists and history specialists, critical thinking for legal counselors, and makes new thoughts for designers and writers. Lapis Lazuli is an intense precious stone for actuating the higher personality and improving scholarly capacity. It fortifies the want for information, truth and comprehension, and helps the way toward learning. It is amazing for improving memory. A stone of truth, Lapis supports genuineness of the soul, and in the talked and composed word. Wear it for all types of profound correspondence. It is likewise a stone of fellowship and acquires agreement connections. A Lapis framework brings quiet and adoring correspondence for a home with sensitive young people, or youngsters with Aspersers disorder, extreme introvertedness, or a lack of ability to concentrate consistently scatter. For notoriety in an innovative or open execution related range, wear or convey Lapis Lazuli to tryouts. In the working environment, it draws in advancement, achievement and enduring acknowledgment in your field. Lapis Lazuli Stones resound with the vibration of truth and illumination and are effective extreme blue stones for opening the third eye and animating the pineal organ. The more blue in the stone, the more esteemed it has dependably been. These stones have been prized since artifact, as they are a standout amongst the loveliest blue precious stones sold. Lapis Lazuli is a valuable stone to wear as it is said to mitigate outrage and negative considerations, and additionally facilitating dissatisfactions causing the outrage. They resound with the vitality of the internal lord or ruler and are generally stones of eminence, and this precious stone additionally adjusts the male and female parts of your identity. The Gemstone has been widely used all across the globe for its exceptional benefits. A lot of people have experienced a complete transformation after having worn this gemstone and life was never the same thereafter with everything getting much positive and joyful.


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