Hiddenite Gemstone

Buy Hiddenite Online Buy Hiddenite Gemstone Hiddenite
Physical Features:
ColorYellow-green, green-yellow, emerald-green
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Hardness6 - 7 Mohs scale
Specific gravity3.15 - 3.21
Refractive index1.657 - 1.681
Birefringence0.014 - 0.016

Hiddenite is considered as one of the precious gem stone. Some astrologers also consider it as the stone of growth and prosperity. There is certain identification mark present in this stone. Using which, one can easily differentiate between the original and the fake one. As its colour vary from sunny emerald to soft green. It makes huge impacts on the wearer of this stone. As it improves the health, spirituality, thought process, and the attitude of a person who wears it on his or her hand. It is considered for treating the heart chakra of an individual. There are several beneficial features present in these stone. So people consider it as very lucky stone to wear.

Physical Healer of the body:-

Hiddenite is considered as the physical healer of the human body. As, it can be used as the diagnostic tool to identify the weak areas of the body. When it is passed over the body. It has the capacity in itself to relieve a person from illness and cold. For doing radionic analysis it can be used effectively. It takes care of both the hemisphere of the brain and removes stress. It improves circulatory system and heart muscles. This stone is also very helpful in curing neuralgia, toothache, and joint pain.

Emotional Healer of the mind:-

Hiddenite relives stress of mind. It enhances the loving thoughts and emotion in the mind of the wearer. It makes an individual to focus more on present rather worrying for the future incidents to happen.

The benefits mentioned above about this gemstone are enough to instill trust in the minds of the purchaser. As,it provides dual benefit to a human being both physically and mentally. Due to its healing power of various diseases it is worth purchasing for a buyer in the long run.


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