Blue moonstone Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Chemical(K, Na) AlSi3O8
ColorWhite with Blue Ray
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Hardness5 - 6 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity2.56 - 2.60
Refractive index1.518 - 1.527
Birefringence0.006 - 0.007

Astrology has a very important place in human life. It is an outstanding teaching of human welfare. God has composed the age of every human being in accordance with the deeds of his previous birth, which no one can change; in particular no one can change the following three events of human life: Birth, Marriage & Death. Astrology throws light on these three aspects, although it is also related with other important points related to life in addition to these three. Astrology has been accepted as the eye of the Vedas. This is the gift of sacrifice, penance and intellect of the Indian saints & maharishis. Its mathematical part is the origin of many scientific researches. Astrology has been serving the society through its diverse distinctions and will continue to do so. It is true that if it is creating good work in some fields you will also make enemies there. The more astrology influenced people with its power the more it is criticized for that. Though astrology announced to the world about its great power of analyzing planets, stars, etc., there were some people always questioning upon this branch of study. They learned the changes which are caused by the changing positions of planets. Seeing and understanding the change in society through these influences. In order to know the effects on the creatures of planets, zodiac signs and constellations, maharishis try to analyze different things which are happening on planet. Due to some improper or bad persons in astrology field the good persons are also affected. But good astrologers always want to make a human life beautiful, filled with love & compassion. Dharma which is a kind of ancient astrology is used to the wellness of the human being in old times.

Today in the scientific era every person is aware about the solar system, yet some people have misconception about the planets. Other scriptures are said to be indirect but astrology is real science. Astrology is also said to be the principal part of Vedas. There are some persons who are spiritual but still not believe in astrology. Someone has to ask them question that if the sun & moon is of no effect in life then why did they shed themselves at midday from the heat & why did they enjoy the full moon nights so much. Long time ago our saints told us to keep fast on solar eclipse & not even drink water. Now it is also told by our scientists. Scientists from Bose institute are now saying that the solar radiation is controlling the atmospheric bacteria. So if astrology is false how could saints know these things from long before? It is proven now by scientists that astrologers were right from a long time & they are proving it now with facts. The main seven planets which are affecting our lives are all associated with different activities like the sun is the principal life element. This is reflected to our lives is our source of energy. Moon is the master of the mind & we can get mental strength from it. Mars is related to desire, lust & work. Mercury is connected with the various capacities of mind. Jupiter affects spiritual power, sentiment and emotion. Venus gives birth to introverted tendencies. Saturn is the most notorious planet; it can control all sense organs.

According to one figure, 45.4 percent believe in American astrology. Whether it was former President Reagan or big companies like Walt Disney who has been keeping the astrologers in their staff. The gems are directly related to the planets and the planets from human life. If the Titanic submerged in 1912 due to the lunar eclipse, due to Vakri Saturn and Rahu, the destruction of water in Uttarakhand on June 16, 2013, or the water crisis in Kashmir occurs only according to planets movements. Every planet has its own color, and the color matching gem is related to it. If Mars is red, then its gem is a red coral. If the master is yellow, then yellow topaz is related to him. Moon is like a pearl. Seeing a birth certificate or astrology, astrologer examines which planet is weak or bullied and its effect or adverse effects tells of what is going on in its life, good or bad, in the gems or mantras or text-worship. If the guru is of lowly and delayed marriage, then it is advisable to wear topaz. From the very beginning, the man is crazy of gems. All the diamond jewels used to remain in the king's treasure. Many types of gems have been worn in the arms, fingers and ears. Lord Krishna had a celestial gem. As soon as he got this, difficulties started getting started in his life. When the Kohinoor diamond came to the Maharaja Ranjit Singh when the Mughals came, the Sikh empire was reduced. If the British took it to England, then their ever-unstable Sun continued to dissolve in the whole world. Diana did not have a sapphire suit but she wears the 18-carat jam's sapphire on her engagement. Marriage did not go well and the end was too frightening. On the other hand, when Amitabh Bachchan wore the first sapphire, not only the bank's debt got reduced, but he became a billionaire by Kaun Banega Crorepati himself. On wearing another sapphire, he raised another ladder in life and became the Actor of the century. Whether there are laborers or ministers, madrasa or beggars, leaders, or actors, industrialists or sages, all are wearing gems. Kareena Kapoor has a pearl and coral, Aishwarya Rai, Neelam, and Shilpa are wearing Emerald. Many people wear sapphires, speeches, politicians or preachers, who also wear gems so that they can be strong. According to zodiac signs, disease, problem and perseverance, people wear gems for the purpose of strengthening planets. Nevertheless, the advice of a suitable astrologer must be taken to wear the stones or it could go bad as well. Always buy a certified stone from a good laboratory with certificates and bills, from a good and reliable shop because real gems are very important for good results in the life of the person wearing it. As the planet is natural, gems should also be natural. Nevertheless, every person should be held according to the positions of the planets and will be changed from time to time only if they are benefited.

There are a lot of kinds of gems but we will mainly only discuss about the moonstone here, specially the blue moonstone. But before discussing about it let's do some small introductions of other gems like, Ruby it is called Manikya in Sanskrit & gets its power from sun. Pearl which is called moti in Sanskrit & it also gets its powers from the moon like the moonstone. There is coral which is called moonga in Sanskrit & gets its power from the mars. Emerald is another which is called panna in Sanskrit & gets its power from the mercury. Yellow sapphire is there which is called pukhraj in Sanskrit & gets power from Jupiter. The other one is diamond or heera & it gets its power from the Venus. There is hessonite which gets its power from rahu & is called gomed. Blue sapphire is one of the most dangerous gems it gets its power from Saturn & is called neelam. There are five kinds of moonstones, Blue or cats eye moonstone which is used for clarity of mind, focus & awareness. Other one is gray moonstone which is a mysterious stone getting all its power from the moon. White moonstone which charges a man with positive energy keeps the balance of emotions & also helps children in driving away insomnia & nightmares. Peach or yellow moonstone relaxes minds from tensions for grown men as well as children. Rainbow moonstone connects the divine energy & deflects the negativity. Moonstone is actually very mysterious & powerful. It's like a talisman which will take you deep in your soul to bring out your hidden secrets. Moonstone the name itself declares its association with the moon. It is said the goddess Diana had this stone. It becomes most powerful on full moon. It is a very sacred stone & protects man & woman both. It is made of potassium aluminum silicate. Some old people only wear moonstone so that it could protect them from sunstrokes. In ancient roman age they think that it is real moonlight captured in the stone. It is also very famous as a gift item in romantic couples. It is found now in a lot of places like, Srilanka, USA, European Alps, India, Brazil, Mexico, Myanmar, Tanzania, etc. Moonstone should be worn only in silver or gold, Panchdhatu must be avoided. It has to be worn on Monday evening shukla paksha in little finger. If you are right handed, you should wear it on right hand & if left handed you should wear it on the left hand.

There are a lot of benefits which we can get by buying a blue moonstone. The benefits are as follows-

● This gemstone is good for calmness & meditation because it is connected with the moon which is the greatest example of coolness & here moon will control the wearers mind. If you have a blue moonstone, then you can try it by touching above your eyes, you will feel a cool sensation instant.

● If you want to keep emotional balance in life blue moonstone is the stone to look for.

● It has a great positive impact on the hormonal balance of women, so it good for them. The pain they feel during menstruation or childbirth can also be eased with the help of it.

● It controls any mans aggression because of the yin energy located in it.

● Many people describe it as the lovers gemstone as it helps them to find the true love of their lives.

● It is helpful against sun like in sunstroke or when your nose is bleeding. It also makes the digestion good.

● The people who are suffering from lack of confidence, depression can be helped by its use. The people who have such positions like the moon in Scorpio must use the blue moonstone as quick as possible if they are not able to get natural pearl.

● This gemstone helps in fertility as well.

● If you are not able to sleep at night & feeling a disorder, you don't need to worry, you just have to get a blue moonstone & keep that under your pillow while sleeping at night.

● It can be also used as jewel. All over the world jewelers are using it as a jewel.

While buying a blue moonstone you have to ensure about its size. Bigger is better here because you see the beautiful reflection there. One will need to make sure there are no fractures on the surface. Don't try to buy it online as it has a lot of fake pieces, buy from a trusted seller only because if you did not buy the right thing, you will not get the desired results which you want. Moonstone is much softer than other gems; it has a rating of 6 in mohs scale. It breaks very easily & scratches or cracks very easily. As it is not that hard & durable it must be taken care properly so that it does not face any damage & it dazzles you with its beauty every time you look at it. As it is so vulnerable, you should keep it away from your body while performing any task like, sports, gardening, etc. Keep the stone away the agents, mean to say the cleaning agents who use hard composition of chemicals to clean the stone. Storing it is also very difficult as if you keep it with hard stones like diamonds, it will get scratches. So, to protect the beauty of it, a separate kind of jewelry box must be bought with separate pockets for use for each gem. Also keep in mind that while keeping the jewelry you must wrap it with a soft cloth so that it does not face any kind of damage while kept. Cleaning the jewelry is a very difficult project One thing is notable moonstone must not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. If you want to clean it you have to make a solution of some mild soap and lukewarm water. Soak the stone in it for few minutes it will loosen the dirt & clear it. Don't scrub it at all. If there is some sticky dirt there & it is not removed while soaking then use a soft brush to clean the stone very carefully. Then very gently dry it using a dry & soft cloth. If still there is some scratch or fracture dont show it to any jeweler but send it to jewelry expert so that your stone will be taken full care of.

So we can see that astrology & gems are of huge importance in our lives & no one can deny that, the people who don't trust in it also cannot deny the fact that it has told & done several things which modern science had done after a very long time. Astrologers have thoroughly checked the effects of the planets with their intelligence & provided proper guidance to the society according to it. They always believe & try to do good for the people of the world. The Humans must trust them & also the gems which can create wonders to the life of a person if bought the right piece from a good gemologist after consulting with astrologer. Astrologer will read your horoscope carefully will ask to wear you the gem according to your need. Astrology can make you understand many things like; it can make you understand your real self, who you really are. It can create your horoscope & with it all the things you will do & get in life will be decided. It can lead you to the best suitable path for you in life. There are various cycles, astrology makes you understand them. It decided by checking both the horoscopes of you & your better half that you will be compatible in life or not. You can choose the best career by consulting a good astrologer. It can find out that you are under any karmic influence or not. And most importantly it can predict the future to make to prepared for any problems ahead. We must trust good astrologers & always wear stones after consulting with them because sometimes we think a particular stone will be helpful for us but at that may we have to wear 2 or 3 stones combined for getting help from other supporting planets as well. So always buy stones after consulting a specialist astrologer not by hearing from anyone or learning from anyone. I hope after reading this you all will know a lot about astrology & stones & also about the blue moonstone specially. You had found out till now that how to buy a good moonstone or how to clean it properly & keep it safe. So in future if you are thinking of buying a stone you are prepared for what to do & how to do. May you have a very happy & long life


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