Scapolite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ChemicalNa4Al3Si9O24Cl to Ca4Al6Si6O24(CO3,SO4)
ColorWhite, Colorless, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple.
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal System Tetragonal
Hardness5 - 6 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity2.58 - 2.74
Refractive index1.540 - 1.579
Birefringence0.006 to 0.037

Probably one of the most commonly worn gemstones around the world is Scapolite. It has a wide range of color honeydew, gray, violet or sometimes even colorless. Some of its alternative names include Mizzonite, Meionite, and Morality etc. One of the rare types of Scapolite Cats Eye Scapolite is very rare and hence very valuable. Although Scapolite does not have the folklore or legendary association with its history, the energy that comes out of it is considered extremely powerful for healing in human. Following are a few handpicked benefits of wearing this stone:

The power of Scapolite:

1. Often there are times when we do not get utterly confused between right and wrong. Our mind seems like a pool of confusion. Wearing Scapolite can prove to be beneficial since you get closer to your mind and hence it becomes easy to understand yourself.

2. Sometimes, life seems to have lost the balance and stability. We become more fragile and prone to heartbreaks. The stability that holds us together is somewhere lost. At this point of time, Scapolite can be really essential in getting life back on the track.

3. It becomes really difficult to cope up when troubles of the past mingle with that of the present. Wearing Cats Eye Scapolite can heal this issue slowly through its intensity of power.

4. If you have been living a sloppy life for long and wants to come out of it, this gemstone is what you need, for it brings change in life as well as gives your life a meaningful purpose and motivate you towards doing good to yourself as well as to people around you.

5. There are certain physical properties of this stone as well. It helps in curing glaucoma, cataract and reduce pain in the neck, upper chest, and shoulder.

Being used quite commonly, it is very easily available in buy gemstones online as well. Try it out to get benefitted.


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