Sphene Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ColorYellow, yellowish-green, green, brownish-green, brown
Crystal HabitFlattened wedge-shaped crystals, also massive
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Hardness5 - 5.5 Mohs scale
StreakReddish white
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity3.52 - 3.54
Refractive index1.843 - 2.110
Birefringence0.100 - 0.192

Sphene, commonly known as Titanite is a wedge-shaped flattened crystal. This is massive in size. Sphene is calcium rich metamorphic rock. Its color range is brown, green, yellow and black apart from these, colors like pink, red, orange are the rare specimens found. It is composed of aluminum, impurities of iron and cerium, yttrium and manifold earth metals. It is often confused with Sphalerite while examining the lustrous nature of the stone. Sphene is much harder than Sphalerite and it produces an odor of Sulphur during a streak test. It can be identified by its high lustrous and high refractive index. Sphene is one of the highest dispersion displaying mineral, which is even higher than the diamond. Earlier it was less available in the jewelry market because it is fragile as a ring stone and the commercial quantities of a reliable supply of stones have not been evolved properly. But nowadays they can be worn as a jewelry if you want. Sphene as gemstones ranging over 5 karats is highly valued.

Use and purpose:

It helps in crystal clear thinking by extinguishing stress and dizziness.

Helps in boosting mental state by making it more alert and active.

Stimulates good vibration in the body and helps in retaining the creativity of one.

Helpful in meditation since it emits the Christ consciousness rays within the crown chakra.

Helps in maintaining the stability and balance of whole mind and body system.

Helps one to represent in an organized way.

It is a mind and soul healer gemstone.

It opens the thought pores to absorb new information.

Develops and helps in proper functioning of the mind eliminating the nervousness.

This gemstone is less known by people but still has emerged as a popular trading stone because of its unusual optical characteristics. The rare specimens are highly valued in the gem trade industry.


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