Spectrolite Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Category: Feldspar;
Colour: blue-grey-green;
Energy Vibration: 6 & 7;
Protection: Protects the Aura;
Crystal Habit: Archangel;

Spectrolite is a rare variety of labradorite mineral especially used as a gemstone. It belongs to the plagioclase family. Spectrolite exhibits green, blue, red, yellow in color when the light hits from different angles. It was excavated after the darkest period of Second World War when stones were quarried to country's border to form an antitank. Spectrolite was only found in Finland, but since the country ceased to produce it anymore, Madagascar became the ample supplier of the gemstone. Gemologists regards it as the worlds most beautiful labradorite. It flashes astounding colors and sometimes just remain black. Spectrolite's color flashing depends on how well it reflects light across the top. It is also used as healing and meditation stone. People around the globe are getting aware of this excellent depth colors displaying stone, and the best thing is you can also flaunt it as a jewelry.

Use and purpose:

It imparts strength and perseverance being the ultimate companion of the person.

Protects and maintains the aura of the individual.

Grounds spiritual energies and raise the consciousness thereby strengthening the alert zone of the mind.

Strengthens intuition power and psychic abilities.

Helps in developing confidence and faith in oneself.

Reduces fear, anxieties, and insecurities from the mind.

Rejuvenates one with high enthusiasm and positive energy.

Calms overactive minds.

Treats the mind and eyes disorders and helps in stimulating mental acuity.

Helpful in menstrual cycle by keeping a hormonal balance and regulating metabolism in the body.

Beneficial in digestion related problems, low blood pressure, cold, gout etc.

People tend to wear it according to their zodiac signs for gaining positive impact on their life which is generally suggested by the gemologists. The guardian planet of Spectrolite is Uranus. The zodiac signs who acre benefitted by this stone are Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. The one born in the winter season especially January (wolf moon) should own a Spectrolite for sure.


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