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Physical Features:
Color Light blue, bluish-green, green, greenish-blue
Crystal HabitMassive, nodular
Crystal SystemTriclinic
Hardness5 - 6 Mohs scale
Specific gravity2.30 - 2.90
Refractive index1.610 - 1.650

In this world of modern technologies there still exist some magical waves which are capable of giving real satisfaction to the suffering category of the people. Everyone in today world is surrounding with certain living challenges of life and is in continuous search of some rapid technique to overcome them and live happily. Astrology has been a great for people and not even asks for major efforts for bringing happiness in life. The concepts related are easy to follow and appropriate use of gems is just enough to convert bad seconds into rejoicing hours. Astrological studies have been constantly getting better as more the people are joining the queue.

Benefits of wearing a firoza gem

The gem firoza or turquoise identifies the planet Venus and was initially found in Turkey. The term turquoise is not related with color and is a Turkish word as people from Turkey first bring this gem to different parts of the globe. The enchanting qualities of this gem made its use in Russia, Latin America, China, Turkey etc very common. The stone owns a glittering surface with constant texture and is commonly used for enhancing the beauty of jewellery as well as astrological beliefs.

Firoza is the only gem that does not requires any horoscope predication before taking it in use as it was actually considered as a sign of wealth since ancient period and is also a frequent healer. The demand for firoza gem has been raised well enough due to its magnificent quality of serving both in jewell0ery and astrology. The elevated need of the gem has made the available of pure stone a bit challenging.

The firoza gem contains soft hue which holds eye pleasing effect and is budget friendly at the same time. The mesmerizing powers of the gem help in providing firm balance to the entire living structure of life. Though firoza gemstone is available in a variety of colors namely greenish blue, apple green, greenish grey and others yet the one which has a sky blue tint is considered to be of best quality.

Astrological chapters describe firoza gem is symbol of true friendship, bravery and wealth. People wearing firoza gem achieve success in their love lives as the stone strengthens love bonds and boosts the trust factor. The astonishing powers of this gem protect its wearer from getting in contact with any evil eye.

Astrological beliefs suggest that if a firoza gem changes its color or suddenly breaks down then there are possible chances for problems to arrive which is why it is regarded as the most convenient healer amongst the gemstones. Way back during the ancient period, firoza was considered as an object for making modesty and kindness and people used to show great admiration.

Balancing mood swing and providing peace of mind can also be taken as profiting powers of a firoza gem. A firoza wearer gets ample satisfaction out of his/her work as it usually blends efforts with accuracy thereby making the outcomes much more innovative and full of perfection. The reason being the stone intakes every negative energy surrounding the wearer and converts them into healthy positive insight.

Firoza gem enhances speaking capability and is very helpful for those who are much surrounded by nervousness when in public. Boosting communicational skills, innovation and creativity are those three exciting benefits of this gem which blend magnificently to make this gem a precious one amongst the category.

One of the most reputed advantages of wearing firoza gem is that it distances the wearer far away from injuries, accidents and aggression. Firoza has some mere connections with disease curing as well and helps in controlling blood pressure, proper functioning of the nervous system and fights well against several dangerous disorders. Therefore this gem is mainly taken as a curing and developing gem of benevolence and magnifies user's imagination strength and sensitivity.

Who can benefit most from a Firoza Gemstone?

Alike the rest gemstones, a firoza does not asks for any improper positioning of the celestial body in life of any individual. People who are looking for matrimonial happiness from many days ago may get this gem for experiencing that joy quite soon. This stone is meant precious especially for couples as it helps is maintaining better understanding in between and clears the way for further happiness to enter in life. Career failures can also benefit a lot from a firoza gem due to its efficiency of embroidering intelligence and working capacity of the individual. For those who belong to the field of innovation and creativity definitely desire to get fame and this gem can make the desire come true within a quick period of time. Any misunderstanding developed between couples can be dissolved very effectively using a firoza gem in appropriate manner.

Why natural gems are more benefitting?

Gemstones in natural or untreated form are considered more useful as the dealers of the product bring them to certain processes for giving them eye catchy looks for getting better responses from their customers. Generally heating of gems is quite common for enhancing color but natural gems must be preferred for experiencing better results as raising temperature of gemstones negotiates its quality of showing tremendous outcomes.

Steps followed before buying Firoza gem

Any of the gemstone purchase demands loads of attention for getting the most suitable one which is capable of fulfilling the need of the time. Product availability in the market is in mixed from and one cannot easily pick any major difference between a pure and impure category of the similar good. Hence it becomes necessary to give more time for buying products which have great connection with the show called life. Here are some of benefitting bullets which can make your gemstone purchase fruitful:

Firoza gem having fine spotless tint is the most suitable one as suggested from reputed astrologers. Any imperfection observed should be immediately followed by rejection at the same time.

A pure firoza gem ranges from opaque to translucent when it comes to clarity. Good looking first copy of this stone is available in market and so the clarity of the stone is an essential thing to be cross checked.

Prefer unmounted firoza over mounted one as it holds better quality and powers.

Examining the stone under proper light gives a better knowledge of the gem as little things can spoil the whole show in such cases. Scratches or uneven surfaced gems should not be given even a second look.

Correct procedure of wearing a Firoza gem

The complete picture of a gemstone depends on way of handling. For every gem there has been set a specific day and duration which makes the stone more energized and powerful. Spotting correct time for wearing the gem brings magical power to the gem from its ruling heavenly body and this helps the wearer quite well. Firoza gem is dipped into holy gangajal for getting it away from impure vibes rotating around. Kum Kum is then applied for adding more holy powers and purity and is sign of activation. A matt should be placed facing the north, north east or east direction while doing prayer and reciting of mantra, Om Sah shukrayae, guruayae Namah. Incense sticks must be lighted and rotated around the stone along with wishes made having marigold flowers in hand. Ending the prayer activates the gem and the n it is ready for taking in use.

Firoza with Jewellery

The use of firoza in jewellery is quite common these days as the stone is adding charm to one of the most celebrated personality of the time, Mr. Salman Khan. This great actor of the time is making this stone a trend and the gem is also helping the generation in building their love bond stronger with time. Astrology describes that firoza gem is more supposed to serve better responses when used with gold ring, pendant or bracelet. A fine stone provides gold outfits a better shape and raise the standard of the individual. This stone along with great potential of helping human beings has immensely raise its demand as more people are now willing to have one for experiencing comfortable life. Balancing business and personal life is one of the major issues of the time of which each working individual is looking to get rid of. Firoza gem is one of the most reasonable opportunities for achieving work life balance and it also cherishes with energetic vibes.


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