Apatite Gemstone

Buy Apatite Online Buy Apatite Gemstone Apatite
Physical Features:
ColorColorless, yellow, green, blue, violet
Crystal HabitThick tabular
Crystal SystemHexagonal
Hardness5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
Specific gravity3.16 - 3.23
Refractive index1.628 - 1.651
Birefringence0.002 - 0.008

Apatite is renowned for providing willpower to its wearer in order to achieve his/her goals. It has the capacity to clear all sorts of confusion, negativity, and apathy. Moreover, it will go on to stimulate our intellect in order to expand the knowledge as well as wisdom for an overall personal growth. You can consider it as an extremely powerful spiritual stone. In fact, the level of vibration generated from this stone is bound to enhance the psychic perception of the wearer to a great extent. Its also considered quite effective for solving critical problems. The good thing is that you can buy apatite online easily just like the other stones.

Apatite is usually available in darker, lighter, and brighter shades of blue. However, at times, even the same set of crystals may include the darker, lighter, and brighter shades of blue all at the same time. To be very precise, the variation as far as colors are concerned is quite wide, and it can be even colorless, gray, brown, green, or yellow. For this reason, sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish it from the other minerals. However, if apatite is used for the metaphysical purposes, then you will usually come across colors such as golden, green, and blue. Therefore, its important to keep all these information in mind when you decide to buy gemstones online.

You will be glad to know that this stone also helps in the formation and growth of cells in our body. Most importantly, it helps the body to absorb calcium as well. As a result, by keeping it in possession, you can heal the bones as well as the teeth, and repair the cartilage to a considerable extent. Apatite can also help in case of arthritis, joint problems, and rickets. Finally, the blue apatite also decreases hypertension.


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