Hematite Gemstone

Buy Hematite Online Buy Hematite Gemstone Hematite
Physical Features:
ColorBlack, steel gray, partly reddish
Crystal HabitTabular crystals of varying thickness sometimes twinned, micaceous (specular), botryoidal and massive. also earthy or oolitic.
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness6 Mohs scale
Specific gravity5.00 - 5.30
Refractive index2.690 - 3.220

Hematite is a greyish black stone which is being used for centuries for healing purpose. This stone is believed to dissolve negative energy in to love and to bring inner peace in the life of an individual. This ancient black stone is discovered in Egypt and basically used for centuries back to remove the poison from the body and to stop the flow of blood. This stone is used basically for healing purpose in the ancient times. There are several evidence which prove that this black stone used in ancient times to cure patients from various disease or medical disorders. There are some important medical benefits of this stone.

Magnetic Hematite an effective healing stone:-

Kidney problems and blood pressure disorders can be cured by this stone due to the iron content in it. It is also effective in healing pain as it charges the nerve cells. This gemstone is also useful in regulating a steady blood flow in the body. Headaches and anaemia can also be cured by the usage of this precious stone. Additionally it helps to heal fractured bones, cramps and spinal problems to ensure a healthy life for an individual. To, perform his daily course of action with full of energy and enthusiasm.

Balancing of Chakra:-

Hematite is very helpful in activating and balancing the root chakra of an individual. Especially to those who indulge in constant meditation. A healthy root chakra is considered to be very important in maintaining rhythm, endurance, life energy, and connection with nature. Lack of self centred behaviour and self control are the main signs of imbalanced chakra. It should be placed in the tailbone while laying the face down and with the direct contact with the skin to derive the maximum benefit. Thus an individual can receive enormous advantage using this gemstone.

Improves Emotional Health:-

This stone improves the clarity of mind, increases the self confidence of an individual and reduces the chances of stress. Hematite is also known as the stress stone as it makes an individual much more relaxed than ever. As well as it increases the skill of communication of a person. It can be kept in pocket or under the pillow. In the decorative place of office premise it can be kept to derive the maximum benefit from this stone. It relaxes the mind and enhances the decision making ability of an individual to lead a prosperous life.

Above mentioned benefits are enough to fulfil the desired needs of an individual. Hematite from the ancient times has been a great source of healing power from various diseases. That is why it is being considered as the most precious stone in the world. It helps to fulfil all your desires, wish and aspirations. Thus provides total self satisfaction to an individual. It is like a friend in the gloomy day of your life. That is the reason why most of the astrologer prefers using this stone to enable an individual to lead a happy and prosperous life in future.


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