Septarian Gemstone

Buy Septarian Online Buy Septarian Gemstone Septarian
Physical Features:
Crystal habit: Microcrystalline;
Colour: green,white,yellowish green;
Crystal System: Monoclinic;
Hardness: 2-5 Mohs scale;
Transparency: Transparent,Opaque;

The word Septarian came from the Latin word septum; "partition", and refers to the cracks/separations in this kind of rock. The Septarian has the relation to the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Septarian plays a role in rapid healing for the human body and deterioration of teeth bones and muscles. It is very much helpful for overall healing and health. It is also a good mounting stone. This is very much helpful for the people of zodiac sign Aries. This stone is also known as the Dragon Stone and by the energy of Dragons, it connects you to the passions of your heart and how you spread your warmth and fire through the land. When we look at this stones we can see veins on this stone which look like communication pathways.

Its Uses and Purpose

Septarian which is also called Dragon Stone is a wonderful stone to wear or carry with you as it is a healing stone beneficial to overall health and wellbeing.

Septarian contracts calming energies which have a supporting feel to them and can bring feelings of joy and spiritual developing.

A mounting stone, Septarian assumes for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional pliability.

It helps in expelling nightmares, negative energy and block psychic attacks.

It is used to improve and nurture communication with groups, making it much easier to speak clearly and graciously.

In crystal healing folklore, it is used to heal the blood and kidney.

It can measure the underlying cause of an illness when meditated upon and shelters the body into healing itself.

It can absorb your energy when held over a period of time and transmits that energy into strength when needed.

Septarian is a concretion stone which is basically protective stones giving both groundings of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. You can buy it from any online stores along with local stores.


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