Peruvian blue opal Gemstone

Buy Peruvian blue opal Online Buy Peruvian blue opal Gemstone Peruvian blue opal
Physical Features:
Crystal HabitIrregular veins, in masses, in nodules
Crystal SystemAmorphous
Hardness5 - 6.5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity1.98 - 2.25
Refractive index1.37 - 1.52

Also known as the blue Andean opal, the Peruvian blue opal is an extremely rare gemstone. This version of opal is known for its ingenuity. Its also a stone that instills courage in the heart of its wearer. By wearing it constantly, you can develop self-love and improve your self-esteem to a great extent. The Peruvian blue opal also improves your communication skills and creativity. Therefore, writers, artists, and people in the field of public communication can benefit a lot by wearing it.

This gemstone also helps in your effort to lose weight, and acts as a strong support to reduce stress and fatigue at the same time. Many people have experienced a fit and a refreshed feeling by wearing it. People believe that this gemstone also helps to treat brain disorders, dizziness, less iron absorption, and metabolic imbalance. So, theres absolutely no reason to buy Peruvian blue opal if you are suffering from any of these problems. However, in this context, its important to realize that these are only spiritual supports, and hence, by no means can be taken as an alternative to a prescribed medicine.

This rare gemstone can only be found if you look for it within the steep Andes Mountains close to Perus San Patricio. However, you can find it quickly and without any sort of difficulty if you are in the mood to buy gemstones online. But in this context, you need to be careful with the dyed Peruvian blue opal stones that are recently marketed online by some of the dishonest dealers.

Peruvian blue opal is an extremely translucent stone, and its color is close to that of Caribbean Sea. Therefore, quite obviously, it emits a relaxing feel to its wearer. Its also quite delicate because of its excessive water content. But once you buy Peruvian blue opal online and start wearing it, you will feel both strong and energized. So, best of luck!


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