Amber Gemstone

Amber is a gemstone made from resin tree after its fossilization. It comes in yellow, orange and sunny brown colors. The stone has been praised for its vibrant color and beauty since the Neolithic times. The stone has five different categories based on its composition and constituents. Amber is used in jewelry and to decorate various items. On the formation of the soft stone during the tree resin, a few insects trapped can be seen. The stone is found in the various architectural monuments in the Europe and has, therefore, made its way in the smoking and glassblowing mouthpieces industry.

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Physical Features:
ChemicalC10H16O, H2S
ColorBlue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown
Crystal SystemAmorphous
Hardness2.0 - 2.5 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
Specific gravity1.0 - 1.1
Refractive index1.539 - 1.545

Use and purpose:

The Amber stones are very much old. The oldest of all is 320 million years old. Hence, the stone contains old, wise and strong energy.

It is also used to make stunning jewelry pieces.

Back then the early people considered Amber as stone of the tiger. It was carried while traveling to a distant place in order to stay protected from odd perils.

The warm healing power of the stone can cure jaundice.

The stone eliminates fear and boosts confidence to fight from any odds. Especially to fight from paranormal phenomenon or situation.

It attracts good luck in ones favor. The stone attracts positivity from the surrounding and generates good vibes in the mind.

The wise character of the stone injects wisdom and develops patience in the body. It helps to maintain the aura and the dignity thereby sharpening the existing feature of the individual.

Helpful in headaches. Ambers seems to work more on the mind, eventually relieving one from a chronic headache.

Clears the unnecessary and negative thoughts on the mind and helps to focus on the goal.

Amber is considered to be the birthstone of the cancer zodiac. The highest quality of Amber is extremely beneficial and is therefore of high value.


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