Moon Stone

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Physical Features:
Chemical(K, Na) AlSi3O8
ColorWhite, Colorless, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray.
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Hardness5 - 6 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity2.56 - 2.60
Refractive index1.518 - 1.527
Birefringence0.006 - 0.007

The term astrology rotates around a belief that the locus and details of the celestial bodies have some great role to play on natural earthly phenomenon and human eventualities. Astrological studies have been showing its influence from ancient periods and a good percentage of human beings develop strong faith in astrological predications and manage things accordingly. Astrology and its results had a great past and the future for such studies seems to be bright. The complete picture reels around twelve signs of Zodiac, namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Those who hold great belief in horoscope predications are well supported by certain news channel shows and newspapers which provide in brief predications of all signs of Zodiac for that particular day. Those who get deep into these studies are known as astrologers and they believe planets also have their fixed roles to play in everyones life. Astrologers on behalf of their predications and studies suggest some of the fluent techniques to anticipate and sway lives and destinies.

Gemstones have a strong gravity in Vedic astrology. They have been used since past many decades to cover up imperfections caused by planets and their positions. During ancient period, only high class people and Kings used to wear gemstones suggested by the astrologers and experienced its outcomes. Nowadays, these gemstones have became so common that anyone can have one under astrologers advice to cure problems interfering in between life and destiny. The need for gemstones has been rapidly increasing these days as most of the people are showing their trust to such activities because many of them are getting positive responses from gemstones on grounds like education, business, health etc. The more gemstones are proving to be correct, the more people are showing their belief to them. Nowadays, the availability of resources and studies are providing strong base to astrologers who are extracting best uses of gemstones for healing any of the human dissatisfaction.

Astrologers believe that for curing problems structured by nine different planets, there are nine gemstones used. Each gemstone is related to one planet and its significance differs according to humans and their problems. Natural gemstones are more likely to show great responses as revealed from the experts. It is necessary to wear the correct gemstone for experiencing helpful responses else it can also reflect just the opposite things and can even make the situations worst. Suggestions from an astrologer are therefore useful before putting hands into any such matter. Many of the examples from past make things quite clear that inappropriate use of gemstones can get destruction.

Moonstone is basically a sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The term moonstone is derived from a perceptible effect which was caused by diffraction of light within a micro- frame having orderly series of feldspar layers. Moonstone holds great significance and has been involved with jewellery since ancient period. The Romans appreciated moonstone as they believed that it originated directly from the solidified rays of the Sun. Both the Greeks and the Romans related moonstone with their lunar deities. During the Art Nouveau period, moonstone became very popular and many of the French goldsmiths prepared jewellery in huge quantities using moonstone gem.0

Formation: Orthoclase and albite, two feldspar species get intermingled during the formation of moonstone. When the combined mineral gets cooled, both the species segregate into mounded alternate layers. The mineral then turns into moonstone when light reaches in between tiny layers and get scattered into certain directions.

How Moonstone helps in neutralizing difficulties in life:

The chapter of life is not that easy as it looks like. Every human being has to face typical situations as it is none other than a part of life. Astrology and its results have proved that there exists a much possible chance to overcome complex problems that one faces at regular intervals. Astrological experts have presented the best medium of getting rid of such situations in the form of gemstones. Gemstones these days have become very common and most of the people show their valuable trust against astrological beliefs. Pearl is considered to be the perfect stone for Moon. Moonstone is an alternate to pearl. A person wearing moonstone may suffer from water retention, strong emotional attachments etc. but it holds some very promising features which can help people in making life better. For attracting better fortune from earthly occurrences, gemstones play very helpful role. Some of the most entertaining benefits of wearing a moonstone are:

Human beings generally feel irritated when they dont get solutions to their issues. This irritation creates the texture of roughness in human nature and the person is very much affected on emotional grounds. Moonstone hits your fortune at the correct place which in turn diminishes your toughness and ultimately management gains fluency. It enhances your emotional behavior which makes a person more likely to feel things and take appropriate decisions. The base of a moonstone is providing protection and fluency.

Having perfectly framed living standards is everyones desire. Life includes multiple stages where sorrow and happiness are the major alternatives. One continues to struggle throughout life for getting things settled. Astrological studies have provided some relief for turning our bad times into happiness with proper use of certain gemstones. Moonstone is very necessary for flourishing lives of the cancer category and is must wear for them. It helps balancing all your care taking characteristics which then provides your life a very smooth living structure.

Every human being needs definite perimeter of intuition and inspiration to get things done in the most comprehensive manner. Inspirations are those feathers which once installed in human beings can transform their lives from worst to best. Wearing moonstone gem helps enhancing both the aspects and makes life worth living. It boosts energy levels which provide more affection towards work and happiness.

The major role of the moonstone gem is the energy it holds which generates a sense of perfection in humans to let them know how to overcome hardships in life. The glowing white energy on the moonstone envelops golden, blue and purple energy rays making it a very protective gemstone. A person wearing moonstone often gets insights of the actual issues and best healing techniques.

Balancing personal and professional life is challenging from years ago and would be challenging for years after. Professional success can be achieved only if personal life is soothing and vice versa. Astrological beliefs make it clear that moonstone gem is more like to bring victory on both professional and personal grounds. Certain high class people from ancient period revealed the importance of the stone as most of them got positive results and many of the moonstone wearers of present generation are satisfied till date.

Life security matters for everyone and it turns risky while travelling as one may or may not be aware of the destination. An unknown place can be challenging for a stranger at any point of time. Moonstone gem helps in minimizing those risks and provides firm protection on both land and water. Such influencing astrological beliefs for the moonstone gem make it better to be known as a travelling stone.

Astrological studies have been successful in relating some of the gemstones with better functioning of human glands and rest organs. Moonstone gem holds great significance in balancing inner hormone production cycles and also stimulates the performance of pineal glands. Moonstone gem has been used by many healers and the outcomes support its use for future. A moonstone gem is a perfect statement for getting things balanced in life as its adularescent energy brings calmness and proper sense of handling situations.

Creativity is not everyones cup of tea. It is god gifted to a certain category that helps making this world look more attractive and flourishes soothing vibes. For those who belong to music and the writing industry, moonstone gem is quite beneficial as it enhances creativity mostly for these two specific fields. Many of the writers and music related individuals wear moonstone gem who believe in astrology and its predications.

Moonstone and its properties

Each of the gemstone holds some unique properties which helps people to distinguish one from the other and make appropriate use of the required stone. All the natural and genuine moonstones look transparent to semi transparent and hold a light blue shade throughout. Moonstone gem betrays sophisticated and scintillating color effect which makes the gem glow from inside out. Many people become eager while dealing with astrological activities as they have never experienced them before. They wish discovering results as soon as possible and get into every single detail of the gemstone. The moonstone gem has negligible inner inclusions visible which shows a negative impact on its commercial and astrological significance. A natural moonstone is more likely to have waxy and glassy lusture.

The energy of a moonstone depends on its clearance. A clear moonstone is believed to have more glow and more energetic healing properties. The occurrence of moonstone is very common which makes it priced some low. The moonstone gem is very much related with jewellery as it can show best of its properties when used in form of jewellery. A moonstone pendant can bring more relief to heart and is supposed to generate positive insights, especially in case of females for getting close to the comfort zone. A moonstone ring fits best to a finger as it directly connects with your inner balance and one can instantly feel better.

Tips on how to buy moonstone

The use of gemstones is rapidly increasing these days as more and more people have started believing in astrological studies. Gemstones and its results have attracted more human beings as everyone wants to get benefitted and attain smooth life balance. Purchasing suitable gemstones is very essential as the most appropriate stone can only help in minimizing complications in life. Any carelessness shown while a gemstone purchase cannot be answered as it is more likely to show a negative impact on ones life and happiness. The demand for moonstone is very high in the market sometimes. One can buy moonstone online or even offline. Buying moonstone requires certain directions to be followed:

Adularescence makes a moonstone glow from outside. The most attractive aspect of this adularescence is motion. A perfect moonstone must have its glow rolling across the surface on being observed from multiple angles. Moonstones which glow on being noticed from only certain angles should be avoided as its energetic properties are less effective.

A suitable moonstone must have an almost a colorless surface with no brown, yellow or green tints. Moonstone must be transparent to semi transparent with a glowing blue sheen which can be observed from every angle.

While purchasing gemstones online, one must be very sure that it is trustable store to buy such accessories. Reviews from past customer can help in revealing the actual condition and quality of products for that particular store. On buying it from offline market, it is better to consult your relatives if they had used gemstones earlier. They can provide you some useful information regarding the most suitable seller of the product.

Sri Lanka and South India are major providers of moonstone. It is available at reasonable prices and multiple shapes and sizes in the market. The demand for the stone has been drastically increased which in turn affects quality of the material. Buyers therefore need to get more focused while purchase of a moonstone.

Taking care of the gemstone

Every asset needs proper handling for better functioning and durability. Gemstones have soft surfaces which is more likely to cleave on fall down. It is always necessary to use gemstone in perfect manner so that it can reflect best results. Cleavage on moonstone can affect its durability and astrological energy. Wearing moonstone in form of jewellery is best to provide protection to the stone. The moonstone includes lots of mysteries and has been taken in use from centuries in certain cultures.

As the moon reflects the feelings of love, Moon Stone is also associated with the lovers and love feelings. In Arab, Moon Stone is traditionally presented to the couple as a gift to enhance the fertility of the women. Moon Stone is recommended in Indian Astrology as Moon remedy.
Moon Stone
As Moon Stone is considered the stone of women, its magical remedial powers are also related to women’s issues such as, it reduces the menstrual pain, enhances fertility, makes pregnancy and delivery trouble free and removes the troubling effects of menopause.

It also affects hormones and immune system positively. Moon Stone draws its magical effects for love enhancement and sensitivity in women.

It also eliminates anxiety and stress related to future concerns. Even a regular use of stone in older ages can bring new passion in life.
Moon Stone
Moon Stone is compatible with zodiac star Cancer as cancer possesses the most feminist qualities of all stars whereas; its blue shade goes with Pisces.
It is good for women to wear it during pregnancy and delivery. Moon Stone gains its power from full moon.
Moon Stone can be found in Brazil, Madagascar, America, and Sri Lanka in yellow, blue, and off white shades.

Moonstone has been worn in the jewelleries from the ancient age. The Romans accepted the Moonstone as it born from hardens rays of the Chandra (Moon). The Greeks and Romans both linked with Moonstone with their lunar goddesses and gods. It is the stone related with Diana, a goddess.

There are two types of Moonstones. Adularia Moonstone is translucent pale gray or blue shimmer or silvery white. This Moonstone normally found in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Madagascar. Albite Moonstone is the group of feldspar. It is not as transparent as Adularia. It is a little obscure Moonstone. It comes from the Canada.

In spite it is believed to be the female’s stone it may be advantageous to the male also. It is an ideal stone using in meditation to make out oneself.

Moon Stone are available in various size in Oval shape. It is recommended that you should wear not less than 3 Carat and not more than 15  Carat depends on you need.
Moon Stone
Moon Stones are used as purely remedy of Moon. Wearing this stone will not effect any other plante.

Depends on clearity, Moon Stone can be found in a price range of Rs 120/- to the highest quality at Rs 280/- per Carat in Indian Market.

1 Gram = 8 Ratti = 4.8 Carat and 1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat.
Please note that wearing natural (found in a mine and thousands of years old) , clear and good cut stones gives good effect in life

Be aware of artificially prepared colored stone. 80% gems available are not natural stone. This is indeed a big problem in the market now. They are either glass made artificially or gem stone colored artificially to increase its price. These stones are sometime capable of passing the laboratory test (like GII test) as well like the original.

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