Shell stone Gemstone

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Physical Features:
Crystal habit: Cryptocrtstalline silica;
Colour: blue,green to white;
Crystal System: Hexagonal-R;
Hardness: 3-3.5 Mohs scale;
Birefriengency: 0.0090-0.0100;

We all love to collect sea-shells from the shoreline. Dont we? Naturally, the shell stone is found in the seashores or in the deep sea, where it is formed from the hard covering of mollusks. These are made of very porous and soft materials and retains less heat than denser stones. The shell stones can be of white, gray, orange, pink, brown and yellow in color which can make any person stunned at least for once. The stones have their own natural allure and appealing beauty. Considering the varieties of mollusks there are differences among the shapes, sizes, and colors of every stone. Most of the shells are used in everything from the inexpensive necklaces to the fairly expensive jewelry. It is most helpful for the people whose zodiac sign is Pisces.

Uses and purposes:

It is used widely in interior decorations of buildings, like in the designs of walls or floors.

They are also used in ornamentations.

These solid and debris stones were first found in Central Africa and Florida. Sometimes it is called as coral limestone or shell limestone.

It is often used as a receptacle for spirit offerings or imprinting. It classifies the etheric body and balances the feminine attributes. It is said to impart tranquility, adequacy, and spirit. They are especially effective to counterpoise overly dynamic energies due to their watery nature.

Shell treats hearing disorder and calcium deficiencies in the body

It heals the broken bones and general dysfunctions of the spinal canal.

Shell Stone enhances the assimilation of vitamins A and vitamins D.

It also strengthens the muscular tissue, especially the heart and is also a strong anti-carcinogenic.

At first, it is used in foreign regions only. But now for the sake of modernization avoiding the expenses Indian people also started making a good use of it in a huge manner.


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