Beryl Gemstone

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Physical Features:
ColorColourless, green, blue, yellow, yellow-green, pink, red
Crystal HabitPrismatic
Crystal System Hexagonal
CleavageOne direction; indistinct; almost never seen
Hardness7.5 - 8 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity2.60 - 2.90
Refractive index1.560 - 1.604
Birefringence0.003 - 0.010

Beryl gemstone has derived its name from ancient Greek beryllos" originally which was applied to all green gemstones. Naturally this gem stone is a very hard mineral consisting of beryllium aluminium silicate. Emerald is the most popular variety of this gemstone. This gemstone is one of the most principal sources of beryllium. Mainly it is used to manufacture light weight metal alloys, of fatigue resistance, high tensile strength, and superior hardness. The most important feature of this gemstone is that they have very beneficial healing power for both an individual physical and mental health. They are available in the market in different colours like pink, blue, orange, yellow, green and very rarely red. These are the basic colours to identify this gemstone accurately.

Health Benefits of Beryl :-

It helps to increase the human potential and arouses the psychic awareness of the mind. In most cases it is believed to help travellers from disorders from any heart and spine or to protect from any sorts of danger. It increases the confidence of an individual by maintaining the clarity of thinking process in mind. For treatment of disorders of the spine, liver, and heart it is very helpful. This gemstone is very beneficial for treating the damage of the brain's cranial portion.

Psychological benefits of Beryl:-

The most important psychological benefit of this gemstone is that it relieves stress and tension from mind. It is believed to bring youthfulness and good luck in the life of an individual. It removes negative energy from life and creates a positive environment in one life. That is the reason why most of the astrologers suggest wearing this gemstone to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Astrologers today in most of the cases suggest wearing this gemstone so that bad luck cannot touch your fortune. As every human being deserve to lead a stable and happy life.


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