Rhodochrosite Gemstone

Buy Rhodochrosite Online Buy Rhodochrosite Gemstone Rhodochrosite
Physical Features:
ColorPinkish to red
Crystal HabitRhombohedral
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness3.5 - 4 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent
Specific gravity3.45 - 3.70
Refractive index1.578 - 1.820
Birefringence0.208 to 0.220

Rhodochrosite is known for its emotional healing. This stone will make you understand your importance as a spiritual being. It will also teach you to respect yourself. The energy emitted from rhodochrosite will guide you to meditate and be at peace. In fact, it has the capacity to give you an experience of sublime happiness and joy. The best thing is that you can buy rhodochrosite online quite easily.

This wonderful stone has the potential to bring back your long forgotten good memories again to the minds surface for the purpose of healing present wounds. This indeed is an outstanding gift that any wearer of this stone can think about. It will also help the wearer to develop his/her hidden talents at the same time.

A large amount of rhodochrosite deposits are located in Argentina. However, you will also come across some deposits in USA, South Africa, Russia, and Uruguay. The color shades of this stone are primarily pink-red, but sometimes you will come across shades of orange-pink variety as well, with the inclusion of other colors such as yellow, brown, and white. The variation in color shades largely depends on the stones location, but most of the stones you are likely to come across will be shades of predominantly pink. However, if you make a thorough search for gemstones online, you will find almost all the color shades that rhodochrosite can possibly offer.

Rhodochrosite jewelry is quite popular. Moreover, wearing jewelry can be the best possible way to gain access to the stones wonderful beneficial effects. Now, women in particular love the pink stone. Therefore, theres a good demand for pink rhodochrosite jewelry in the market. And make no mistake, a touch of pink in all forms of jewelry do make it even more beautiful. Finally, the pink rhodochrosite happens to be the birthstone for zodiac sign Scorpio as well as Leo.


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