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Know how star ruby play an important role in your life

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Physical Features:
Crystal HabitMassive and granular
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Hardness9 Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent, Translucent, Opaque
Specific gravity3.95 - 4.10
Refractive index1.757 - 1.780
Birefringence0.007 - 0.010

There are lots of precious gem stones available in market which plays quite important role in ones life and one of them is star ruby. This gem stone is in Greatdemand these days and knowing about its benefits more and more people are wearing it. They protect the person from all types of problem and several upcoming dangers that can threaten the life. It also helps in overcoming harm like accidents, getting jinxed, evil eyes misfortune, negative energies, envy and many more. Along with this, it also helps in curing many health related issues like depression, sleeping disorder, stress, tension, migraine, amnesia and many others. Along with benefits, it is much important that you should wear right type of ruby in accordance to your weight of body, in accordance to carat it should be correspondence to 1/10 that means if your weight is 60 kg then you have to wear 6 carat ruby. There are many qualities of star ruby and few of them include opaque and clarity in star pattern. This gemstone is quite beneficial in comparison to other type of gemstones as they non-transparent and displays 6 ray starswhich changes if the stone is titled or is slightly moved. This gemstone has obtained 9 out of 10 in terms of hardness and shine.

Different colors in which rubies are available

Star rubies come in many colors ranging from orangey to pinkish red, brownish red, purplish and many more. One of the main reasons behind color change is content of iron and chromium. Pigeon blood red is the most desirable color which is pure red with hint of blue or violet and this ruby is found only in Myanmar, Burma. Overall, star ruby is one of the most desirable and valuable colored gemstone that is in great demand nowadays. Rubies are highly beneficial for those people who are born in July and even people celebrate their 15th and 40th anniversaries with this precious ruby.

Wearing star ruby as per your astrological star

In the Vedic astrology, gemstones are advisable to worn on basis of your horoscope or as per your birthday chart. One of the main reasons of wearing prescribed gemstones is that it is often believed that the person who is wearing it can overcome many obstacles in his/her life. Oninternet you can find many gemstones which are commonly worn formany astrological purposes along with information about in which finger they should be worn on and most importantly on which week day and along with this, in which metal itshould be mounted.Star ruby is one of the stones that you can help you out and help in lowering your stress, tension and many related issues.

Star ruby can also be wear by individuals of different zodiac signs, thus it is beneficial for all zodiac signs like Gemini, cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn.

For Aries sign people: Ruby gemstoneis gemstone of the planet Sun. Since, sun shares good and effective relation with planet Mars, which isoften regarded as governing planet of the Aries. Thus, people of Aries zodiacs will get lots of benefits by wearing this precious gemstone.

When the Sun is placed or positioned in 5th house then being the native of 5th it helps in bringing effective and miraculous results if the zodiac sign individual will wear it. This will help on getting these following mentioned benefits:

Enhance the chances of getting promoting in government job

Help in diverting mind towards positivity so that you have positive mindset

For people with Taurus zodiac sign: Ruling planet of Taurus is the Venus and it does not share a good relationship with sun. Since the sun exits in 4th house of the astrologicalsignTaurus this helps in bringing average results when person wears it. So, it can be said that ruby stone can bring average results for Taurus. But, if person want to get better and long lasting then the wearer must wear it during major period of sun often known as Mahadasha. Along with this, any person can wear this gemstone when sun is located in 4th or 10th house.

For people with Gemini zodiac sign: Star ruby gemstone is beneficial for this zodiac sign people when sun live in 3rd or 11th house. When the wearer will wear this ruby in this house it will bring happiness, wit, wisdom, fortune, wealth, intellect and many more. In order to get positive it is advisable that one should prefer taking help of astrologer as they will give effective advice.

For people with cancer gemstone: Ruby gemstone will not provide much better results to the ascendants of cancer. So, it is advisable that people who are with cancer zodiac should avoid wearing this gemstone as they will not get positive results. But, on the other hand people can prefer wearing ruby in happy hours or major period of sun.

For people with Leo zodiac sign: Since sun governs the zodiac sign of Leo and it is also considered as birth stone. So, in order to get enormous benefits people with Leo sign must wear ruby. Ruby will help in bringing prosperity, good health, wealth, gain in business, good fortune and many such things.

Along with above mentioned things, if sun is placed in 5th, 11th and 9th house then Leo ascendants will get best and most effective results in every field they will enter in. Individuals with this zodiac sign can also wear this gemstone when sun is in house 6th or 3rd.

For people with Virgo zodiac sign: The Virgo sign is ruled by Venus and this planet does have average relation with sun. While on other hand, if people with Virgo sign will wear star ruby then they will neither get negative result nor positive result. Along with this, people should avoid wearing it when the sun is in 12th house.

For people with Libra zodiac sign:If ascendants of Libra sign will wear star ruby then will get much better results. Before wearing this gemstone, the wearer must identify and analyze position of Saturn and Venus. The wearer must wear this gemstone only when the mentioned planet does not exist in horoscope. Along with this, ascendants of Libra must wear this gemstone in the major period of sun. There are many people those who dont wear this gemstone as it is quite expensive, but they dont know that wearing this gemstone they will get many benefits.

For people with Scorpio zodiac sign: Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and shares a good relation with sun which is the ruler of star ruby. Since the sun stays in 10th house o Scorpio birth chart that helps in giving outstanding results and will bring lot of positivity in your life.

Ruby will help in bringing lot of happiness in life of married couple and will also helps in stabling the financial condition of the wearer. Along with this, sun will also play an important role in the life of wearer, it will help in getting lost reputation back in society and at professional level at well. So, if you are facing tough and difficult time in your life then you must wear this gemstone but only after seeking help and suggestions from any of a reputed astrologer. In order to get best result the person should wear it when the sun is in major period as you will get endless benefits that will help achieving best results.

For people with Capricorn zodiac sign: Planet Saturn rules over the Capricorn sign and shares an unpleasing relationship with sun as well. Due to this, people who belong to this zodiac sign are not advisable to wear star ruby as they will not get any so called benefit. This is one of the main reasons why people are suggested to wear this precious gemstone only after consulting with specialist astrologer as they have years of experience in this and can provide you many suggestions over this.

For people with Aquarius zodiac sign: Aquarius is often considered as 11h zodiac sign and are meant for those people who are born between January 23 to 22 February. Saturn is ruler of this zodiac sign and it do not good relationship with sun. Since it rules 7th house which developsan inimical relation. Due to this it is advisable to native of Aquarius zodiac sign not to wear star ruby. However, ascendants of this zodiac sign can still prefer wearing this gemstone only after considering it with a well-known astrologer and along with this in major period of sun.

For people with Sagittarius zodiac sign: People who are born in between 22 November to December 21 are known or often considered as native of Sagittarius sign. Yellow sapphire is treated as birthstone of this zodiac sign. Since, Jupiter shares better result with sun due to which people with Sagittarius zodiac sign can wear star ruby without any tension or headache. If wearer will wear it when sun is placed in its house then they will likely get much better results such as creativity, confidence, enthusiasm, wisdom, longevity and many more.

For people with Pisces zodiac sign: Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign and people who are born In between February 20 to Match 20 are known as Pisces ascendants. Saturn is the ruler of this zodiac sign and hence it shares a good and health relation with sun which is the ruler of ruby stone. Thus, Pisces zodiac sign people should wear this gemstone in their ring finger of the right hand and on Sunday morning especially as it will bring lot of happiness and positivity in your life. On other hand, if sun lies in the 6th house of Pisces then the wearer must avoid wearing it as it will not bring pleasant results in your life. Therefore, if a person is planning to wear this gemstone then they must seek help of astrologer and talk about the positive and negative effect of the ruby.

Forpeople with cancer zodiac sign: The star ruby gemstone will not provide much better results to this zodiac sign people. This is one of the main reasons, why people are avoided or not suggested to wear this gemstone. This happens because moon is the ruler of cancer zodiac sign and it does not share good relationship with sun. Therefore, it is suggested to wear this gemstone in the major period of sun and only wear certified ruby stone to get best results.

How to take care of your star ruby

Star rubies are available in many colors that you can select as per your like and wardrobe. But, if you are planning to buy ruby then you must know that its care is equally important so that it should look new and appealing. No matter, whatever color you are investing in gemstones can be used years over years without affecting its color or quality. But, for this it is must that you should take care of your ruby properly. There are many effective ways through which you can keep them maintained without affecting its hardness. Like many other gemstones, ruby can also crack or chip especially when it is mounted into bracelet or ring. This is one of the main reasons why it is advisable to wearer to remove their ring while doing any type of household work like gardening and many such things. Mentioned below are some of the ways through which you can keep your ruby look beautiful for so many years:

Keep you rubies clean much as it is possible with help of perfumes, lotions and sprays. They have a very hard surface due to which surface become faded and cloudy.

In order to eliminatedullness you can clean the ruby with help of mild liquid soap and Luke water. Use a toothbrush to rub your gemstone smoothly and rinse it will water immediately and dry it with help of soft cloth that will help in getting sparkling gemstone.

You can prefer using formulated solutions which are already available in market and help in keeping your gemstone up to the mark.

Wearer can even prefer investing in ultrasonic devices; these are basically small and handheld devices which help in getting shining effect and remove accumulated dirt and oil from the rubies.


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