Vasumati Yoga

The meaning of Vasumati is rich, prosperous. When all the benefices, i.e. the planet Mercury, the planet Venus and the planet Jupiter capture Upachaya houses which are 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th from the planet Moon then Vasumati Yoga is built.

As an example, When the planet Moon is located in Gemini and the planet Mercury is located in the Leo which is the third house from the Gemini, the planet Venus is located in the Scorpio which is the sixth house from Gemini and the planet Jupiter is located in Pisces which is the tenth house from Gemini then the Vasumati Yoga is created.

Encoding of the Vasumati Yoga Yantra is the stage where definite orders are provided to the Yantra through definite Vedic events in order to the Yantra acts for the advantage of a definite person or an assembly of people for whom this is encoded. After getting encoded and energised Vasumati Yoga Yantra, the next part is to set up it in the house, wallet and pocket or in the neck as a pendant. You must set up this yantra on the day directed by your jyotishi. After establishing this yantra it will begin its work. If you want that it works properly then you must go there regularly.

It provides prosperity and life turns into wealthy with the growth of your age. This yoga generates the possibilities for an individual to turn into a billionaire.

Vasumati Yoga Yantra is excited with the help of the Vasumati Yoga Mantras in the course of some definite events. The count of this mantra for exciting may not be similar for various yantras depending upon the advantage which a resident search from this yantra. And the cost of the mantra is also different from the other. The Vasumati Yoga is very helpful to the people.

The most significant fact about the evil and auspicious acts of the planets is their behaviour in the particular horoscope and not as to their natural behaviour. As an example, generally the planet Jupiter is an auspicious planet although it may create an evil impact in a horoscope. This horoscope may be lead by negative influences. So this evil Jupiter cannot create the Vasumati Yoga in a person’s horoscope. It may build some type of fault in a person’s horoscope by badly affecting some houses or planets. If the evil Jupiter is located in the 6th house of a person’s horoscope along with the planet Sun, it may form powerful and solemn Pitra Dosh in a native’s horoscope despite crating the auspicious Vasumati Yoga. This Pitra Dosh may problem the inhabitant in the various phase of life.

So the creation of the Vasumati Yoga in a native’s horoscope must be determined after checking all the significant issues associated to the construction of the Vasumati Yoga. The holy result related with the Vasumati Yoga must be determined after appropriate analyze of all the significant facts which may raise or reduce the advantage effects of the Yoga in a native’s horoscope.