Shash Yoga

When the planet Saturn is located in its self-symbol, i.e. either Capricorn or Aquarius, or in adulation which is in Libra and in the Kendra house which is the first, fourth, seventh and the tenth house from ascendant, then Shash Yoga is made. As an example, when Capricorn is located at ascendant for the resident and the planet Saturn is located in the Libra which is adulation house, the Shash Yoga is made for the resident.

When the planet Saturn is located in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra symbol and at that time it is also located in any of the cardinal house of the Vedic Rashi birth graph, Shash Yoga is generated. The person belongs to Shash Yoga will be well placed in society, have the authority and powers of state, intelligent and the leadership ability.

Though, the power of the yoga will depend upon the controls of the other planets over the Saturn. When Saturn is under positive power, the encouraging result s will obviously appear in the early life. But if the Saturn is located under negative control of malign planets, the good results of the Shash Yoga will be temporary.

A very powerful Shash Yoga place in the horoscope can provides the resident with a position of top authority and strength and few residents under the positive influence may also turn into chief of the states or first class minister in the government while other may turn into a successful legal representative, arbitrator, engineers, dominant political leader, wealthy and well-known real estate builder etc. A strong control of Shash Yoga in the horoscope may also help the resident with good result in the domain of spiritualism and speculation. Few residents under such positive influence may excel as religious healers, religious philosophers, pious Gurus, teacher of yoga, teacher of meditation.

Shash Yoga is one of the “Five Great Yogas”. The strengths of other positive as well as evil planets on the planet Saturn must also be observed as the control of one or more positive planets on the Saturn may grow the positive results of this yoga notably. But the control of one or more evil planets on the Saturn may lessen the helpful results of Shash Yoga significantly. The complete nature of a horoscope must also be observed carefully before forecasting the creation and full effects of Shash Yoga in the horoscope. If Shash Yoga is in the fourth house of the horoscope may provide very good consequence for wedding, trading, and religious progress of the resident.

Every twelfth person on an avg. must have Shash Yoga in the horoscope and every twelfth person on avg. must be hallowed with the positive results provided by the Shash Yoga which is certainly not the case in reality as every yoga bond under Panch Maha Pusrusha Yoga is uncommon yoga and it is not seen in a great quantity in the horoscopes.