Daridra Yoga

Darida denotes poor. When the lord of 11th house is located on any one evil house, i.e. sixth, eight or twelfth house, it helps for rising this yoga.

The Chandra in location can affect an individual to insecure, unstable, deficiency in attention, though he stays positive about other people, he is simply bothered. He is strained to things which are insubstantial, like religion and belief. He is engaged and introverted, expressive, talented and irritable, scholarly, social, many frustrations, insatiable bookworm, creator, specialized in fine-arts, competent of winning even his opponents.

This yoga is partly suitable if the lord of the 11th house is present in town house in a horoscope. This yoga is invalid when Raj yoga is created by the planet. As an example, suppose Taurus is the ascendant for the resident and his tenth house’s lord Jupiter is in the sixth house Venus in exhaustion in lagna, the planet Jupiter, the planet Mars and the planet Moon are also in their exhaustion symbols direct to the Darida Yoga.

Lagna in a constant symbol (Taurus, Leo, Scorpion and Aquarius) powerful evil planets are in Kendra and kona, while positive planets occupy except Kendra, the resident alive on donation. Lagna in transferable symbol (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) at the night, feeble benefice planets reside in Kendra and kona, while evil planets don’t occupy Kendra makes the people extremely poor.

The existence of the planet Mars also disturb one’s physical desire so badly that conservative ethics are shed aside. Family life is full of sadness, and one faces almost every type of embarrassment, maltreatment, court case, break up proceedings, injury in body and bad humour. These types of complications do not lead you to get pleasure the fruits of one’s creativeness.

Born with this mixture, an individual will be poor and in wretched condition. He will be frequently in debt, faced financial difficulty. Solution for this yoga comprises remedy for the eleventh house lord.

The people in the control of the Daridra Yoga will be connected in wicked and malevolence acts. This yoga is also capable of lessen your audible range.

Determined couple with dexterity and cleverness might be the ideal option for conquering such type of Yoga. One will get the outcome depending upon one’s deed in the past, although there is no assurance. Pray to the Almighty whom you believe and labour hard in the right way intelligently. Effort without intelligence could not get result.