Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu Nakshtra
Punarvasu Star locates from 20 Degree of Gemini to 3 Deg 20 Min of Cancer. Rama, the Hindu God was born under this star. It is a belief that only male children are born under this star. But it is not such. There are some exceptions.

The word “Punarvasu” is obtained from “Puna” and “Vasu” which denotes rebirth, return and repetition. The twelve Adityas of Kashyapa were born in the womb (uterus) of Aditi. They are Vishnu, Indra, Twasta, Vaga, Aryama, Varun, Mitra, Pusa, Parjyanya, Agni, Dinakar and Vivasan. Aditi is the repository of kindness, nobility, cleanliness, aristocracy, gorgeousness and famous.

Generally, the person takes birth in the Punarvasu Nakshatra is highly religious though he may leave out from it on the later part of life for adverse condition.

They have strong memory and do not forget anything they see and read once. They have deep intuitive powers.

The persons under this star has problem with his temperament. Their honesty will keep them as well citizen who abides by law. He doesn’t want to break the law. He doesn’t like the person who breaks the law. He faces problems with his wife’s health condition. His nuptial life is full of problems due to usual displeasure. In his later part of the life he possesses the skill to create a huge difference in the business world.

Natives of this Nakshatra acquire high education, which helps them occupy high government post. They have an interest and knowledge of English literature. They also make contacts with some great personalities of society and politics. They also play an active role in politics and get great success and power in this arena.

Huge resources may not arrive easily to them due to their candidness and in particular they don’t know how it increases. It is very natural for them to help other people. They try heart and soul for making the life of unlucky person more comfortable. They get recognition in the society because of their nature and personality.

Their family member is very important to them. But the problem with the conjugal life of the Punarvasu Nakshatra natives might result the relationship an end ahead of time. This will increase their strain and pressure.

He has the tendency for over anxiousness about his health. It will amplify the small problems. Usually, he is very healthy persons and carries on his well health lifestyle.

The females who take birth under the Punarvasu Nakshtara possess sharp tongues. It is observed in the many occasions that frequently take place when they are around by the members of the family and the persons who live around those females. Despite the fact that there is argument, their language is polished and has the tendency to make the other people wonder why their way is such.

The females born under the Purnavasu Nakshatra leads a satisfied life with the persons to look out them. Their health will face some difficulties owing to their bad lifestyle. They will suffer from respiratory pain and irregular upset of stomach.