Uttharashada Nakshatra

Uttarasadha Nakshatra
The planet Sun is the owner of Uttarashada Nakshatra. Its other name is Tripada Star as it has three quarters which are located at Capricorn and the fourth quarter is located at Sagittarius. The residents of this star are very joyous. They are friendly and love fun. Others like their amiable nature. They are civilised and go after traditions. They have the tendency to go towards everlasting beliefs. They possess highly faith in God.

They obey the law and are aware of their responsibilities. They are hopeful and can face any kind of situation in life. They are courageous and never vacillate to do any type of work in the wretched conditions.

A man possesses fair skin and has a lovely figure. He wishes to keep him in the low profile and he is not flamboyant. They have been trained from the ancient age to be in command and to take on a huge task. He is well mannered and doesn’t hurt anyone’s emotions. But unluckily, he turns into dependant and is treated as the matter of laugh and the matter of sadness too. They don’t believe anyone easily and take time to make a decision. He will enjoy a good family and nuptial life. He may suffer in an eye problem or breathing problem.

The females of Uttarashada Nakshatra possess expressive eyes and lovely smiles. They have the tendency to become a teacher. Their nuptial life may face some problems owing to the relationship with their hubbies. They are obstinate and hasty. This is the reason for troubles in their wedded life. They will discover comfort in their religion for her commitment to their beliefs. Their health is related with womanly problems. They possess kind heart which leads them to think well for others. They are loving character but may hurt someone by their words.

The females are very much optimistic. Hence, their way in the future is more influential. They are gifted with intelligence. They may also choose their career in science, banking, medical or religious fields. They have imagination power which may lead them to be engaged themselves in the arts or any creative fields.

Those who are looking for a job in abroad are successful. Some of them may have the chance to roam in many places. They are capable of impressing the superiors. They may take part in the charitable activities. They will obtain family property. Their practical thinking may help them to solve a difficult problem. They can lose their wealth owing to unawareness. They must be careful while filling up forms. They may able to make a new house and may wed as per their wish.