Arishta Yoga

Arishta Yoga: The meaning of Arishta is malign or evil. When the owner of the malign houses (sixth, eight and twelfth) are mixed or any 2 of the houses are mixed, Arishta Yoga is created for the resident. As an example, When Taurus is the ascendant and sixth house owner Venus and eighth house owner Jupiter mixes in any house the Arishta Yoga is produced. This yoga denotes illness or accident for the resident. The Arishta Yoga is partly applicable when they are mixed with a helpful planet. In addition this yoga produces ill effect to the house where the planets are mixed. It is becomes stronger when the planets are mixed with the ascendant. For this amalgamation the resident suffers a lot.

When Rahu, Saturn and Mars are located in the third, eleventh and sixth house respectively, this is believed as the auspicious location which protects child’s ill-luck. When the planet Moon is located in the first house and is being watched by holy planets in addition with if the Venus see the Moon then it forces away unhappiness and evil condition.

When the planet Moon, the planet Sun and the planet Mars are located in the first, ninth and eight house respectively, this grouping is believed as hurtful and unholy. If the planet Jupiter is not located in the 8th house and Lagnesh is mixed with an ill-planet, if an unholy planet located in the 3rd house and if the planet Saturn is looking at the mixture of Lagnesa and unholy planet, it indicates an unexpected and early death. According to the jyotishi, it is not necessary to decide the life span of a child before his 8 years. If a child passes away before 4 years, it is only the reason of his mother’s sin. If the child is dies in between the 4 and 8 years of age, it is the reason for his father’s sin. And if a child passes away in between 8 and 12 years of age, the reason is he committed some sinful works in his last birth.

The person lives only 22 years if Jupiter receives a drishti from Saturn or Rahu with Yuti and an evil is located in Lagna while Aayur Bhava which is the eighth house is captured. Lagna must be captured by it owned while Sun and Moon are located in Matru Bhava along with malign and owner of Randhr is place in Kendr, the life ends at only 30.If owner of Randhr captures a Kendr while owner of Lagna is free from power, the person lives only 3o to 32 years. If the owner of Moon and Lagna are weak, getting drishti from malign are is located in Apoklima Bhava, the life will be end in the age 40. If the planet Jupiter and the planet Venus are located in a Kendr while owner of Lagna is yuti with malign is Apoklima, this person has taken birth before nightfall is died on 36.If owner of Lagna is located in the eighth Navamsh and owner of the Randhr is located in Lagna Navamsh together with malign then the person dies in 50.