Pushyami Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra
The word “Pushya” comes from the Sanskrit “Pushti” which means sustenance. This star is governed by the planet Jupiter which is the god of divine knowledge. This nakshatra is looked like the cow’s udder. It is the 8th star of the zodiac. This star grows our good work and good labours. The other meaning of “Pushya” is to protect, refill, reinforce.

The main value of Pushya is that Pushya signifies a stage in people’s life when they relax in calm in the nonexistence of fear. Sustenance takes the resident return to the baby period where he relaxes in the arms of mother. So it recognized with the nature of kindness, spaciousness and guard. This star connects to the breasts and in the larger view “milk of person’s gentleness”. People who take birth under this star have a healthy figure, obey their parent; spiritual, modest, lucky and owns prosperity and cars. These persons have respect in laws and think that none must be above the law. They suffer from the lack of hormones which help the body to growth, skin disease, cold and asthma. Men are tall but thin. Women are short in height and possess an oval face. Their natures are soft. They are devotional, suspicious, handy man.

Men belongs to this star are mainly capricious and discovered as self-centred. Sometimes they are disturbed with thought that what profits them for barring out the others. They respect other people but they hardly ever think it must be same in course of him. They think what others think about them. If it is not the same what he is expecting for, he felt sad and hurt. In case of work, they don’t think anything before starting the work. They take foolish decisions. They are unaware of their abilities. It is their credit that in spite of failure they take any kind of work with zeal whether they get success or not. They naturally take their time to do well in the work.

Women belongs to Pushyami Nakshatra are beautiful but they are not tall enough. They require making it obvious that what others see is what they obtain from them. Sometimes they are reserved and people judge them accordingly. They are generally prosperous owing to their property. If that doesn’t happen, they will be engaged by organizations which call on their workers to be very secret. She must have take attention with her health as they have tendency to suffer in breast cancer and lungs and stomach also.